The Marley Army We Are Currently Full! Please Check Later! Thank You!

Just defeated another 10* Titan and Won another War!
The Marley Army is an active Alliance going on 3 years old!
We are searching for 1 active, committed, fun loving member who like the game. We desperately need players to help take down 9 to 10* Titans now! Cup requirement is 1000. Level 20+. If you join us you are expected to hit Titan and use all flags in war (opt). We are laid back. Leader very active but understanding that real life comes first…just post on chat if you can’t play. You are required to opt out of war if you can’t fight, no exceptions. We will consider newbies but newbies must be active daily. No exceptions! We are currently fighting 8 to 10*Titans . We are not hard core but we do like to win. Our rules are very easy. No stress. Chat is clean, friendly, and supportive. Family orientated. Alternate account ok but again must be active daily! We are also a Global Alliance, English a must! Come join us and find out! You will like us! Invite only!


Needing 7 committed players, at 20+tp!

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Still needing 7 members that will be active.

Bumping ad…come join us and have fun!

Needing 6 active players to help with titans!

Looking forc7 fun loving players who want a home!!

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Still needing 6 more members! Thxs to Lenovo and Churchman for joining us!

Still needing 5 more active, committed players who want a Alliance that supports your efforts!

Bumping my ad! Need new members now for Titan!

We are getting great new members…thxs for joining. Only need 4 more for a full roster. Come try us out!

Hi Marge, I am interested in joining the alliance. Average 2400-2600 cups and I’m at level 59

Ok Feenix come on in…request to join and someone will let yu in! Great!

@Feenix …waiting on you if you still want to join! Would love to have you with us!

Thank you Feenix for joining our Alliance!

Thx you Annika for joining! Just need 2 more new members for full roster again!

Thxs for all new people joining! Added help is helping us defeat 10* titans! Come join us!

Still recruiting for 3 new members!

Still looking for 3 new members !

Needing one more player! Thxs to those who joined!

Needingc2 members to fill roster!

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