The Marley Army Moving Up on Titans! Need 3 Active Players

How many members do you have, leaders, co leaders. We would want to keep the name. TP of your members, level of titans you have fought, are you understanding of flags not being used due to RL issues because we are. We are competitive but not OCD about it. We play for fun, companionship, stress relief. Our chat is family friendly. We don’t have hard core rules. Let’s talk!:grinning:

Hey marge! We are Currently running 24/30 but could trim a bit. We are fighting 7/8 star titans. We like to try and use all our flags but we know life gets in the way. Just that it’s not the same people all the time. We are very friendly (Canadians) hah. Age group of couples and there kids . Teenagers right up to 55 years old.

I am 70…we take all gamers old and young as long as they are respectful and friendly…we have parents who have kids so chat is always clean and Supportive! Have 8 spots available. Need to work out about keeping our name and leaders! We wouldn’t want to change name because Alliance was named after my 15 yr old cat who went over Rainbow Bridge in March…he was our mascot. Only 1 leader, myself plus what ever co leaders you want…simpler that way imo. Let me talk to my Alliance! Let me know what you think…your moniker would be a concern for us, sorry…I personally don’t care but we try not to offend our members…know you understand!:smile_cat:

You have 22 members and we have 25 im not sure how it would work. And don’t worry my in game name is B52 haha.

I am afraid it wouldn’t work with the exception of you could recommend your lower, in experience players coming to us! It seems you r in the same shape we r…just trying to fill roster, and to be honest we r doing well with who we have due to their levels, teams, and co cohesiveness in playing as a team which I stress! Glad to hear about your name, I think it’s funny! Good luck in recruiting and gaming.,stay in touch. My Line ID is marge32179 if you have Line. Perhaps we could share tips or make a sister/brother training team for newcomers! PS…I like Canadians…their government makes sense and they are awesome gamers!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Iv heard about this line ID I think I’ll have to make one! Haha

Just download the app…leave your I’d here and I will add you as a friend…be sure to use this name so I recognise you!

Line id : shithawks52


Ok, Thxs will add you!

Bump ad…20 characters

Bumping my ad! Still recruiting!

Bumping Ad…Actively Recruiting!

Still wanting new members!

Come join us now! Need Titan hitters!

Why do I play E&P?..I actually don’t know :thinking:

Lol on that reply! You sound frustrated! Come join us and have some fun?

My story: 2 years playing, Atlantida passed in normal and hard.
No 5* from s2, no 5* from s3. No 5* from any of the 9 events. just 3 HOTM and half of the S1 5*.
Crappy Game. No Fun.
But thanks for your reply. It was very kind of you. Merry Christmas

Bumping ad…need players all levels!

Fight Mythic Titans with Us!

What colour war tank do you run with please? And where are you based? Looking for a U.K. alliance…
And do you use Line or Discord

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