The Marley Army Moving Up on Titans! Need 3 Active Players

Very Friendly Alliance Over 2 Years Old.

Moving up on Titans!

Currently seeking 3 New members

Few are the Rules: MUST READ CHAT so you know what’s going on. MUST be active, use Flags, War opt., Be Nice! MUST PROGRESS IN GAME, levelling up regularly!

We would like 3 experience players to help with Titans and War(optional)!

We are willing to take in New players and help them! Don’t get me wrong…we love experienced players! But New players need a place to grow without fear of being “k”. So we are willing to help you if you do your part…play the game!

Therefore no TP requirement, no Cup requirement!

23 Experienced members to help you!

Leaders laid back, active, and understanding!

Will accept all levels!

Global so English a must!

Come try us out!

Don’t let our roster intimidate you…we are here for you! Marge 32179…Line id is the same if you want to contact me there. Otherwise…just drop in!


Long time member 602 days and counting. Great group sharing tips to help us all get stronger.

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Hi my name Sita on Marley army and I know this group around 3 month there are great members and always active with titian , wars and events , anything new it is update news on chat and leader contact always with members for share and plaining for level up AR many things nice inside Marly Army. Members always respect and welcome to new players. Yes many great thing , dont wait to join us to see . Thank you

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Many Thxs to members @Sita and @Firey for recommendations! Both are very good, active team members!

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Come join us now! (Shamelessly bumping my ad as we like a full Alliance! More fun that way)thxs

Shamelessly bumping my ad as I am actively recruiting Active, enthusiastic players, all levels welcomed!:smile:

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Thxs to our newest member joining our family have fun!

Many Thxs to @ Strife and @ Chucky for joining our family. Great to have you!:smile:

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Needing 3 Active Players

Big thx you to our newest members @Saildreamer and @Audrey for joining our family!

We are actively recruiting for 2 players now!

Looking for 7 new players…all levels welcomed!

Recruiting for 8 spots!

Still actively recruiting for new players! All levels welcomed! As are newbies and husband/wives!

Very actively recruiting! Need 9 new members!

Still needing new players!

Bumping ad…20 characters

Moving ad up! Actively Recruiting Now!

Come give us a try! Request to join as Alliance is closed to avoid POV hoppers! We want people who want a home!

Our alliance is only a year old but fairly competitive! Would be interested in a potential merge opportunity. Let me know what you think and what details you would need!

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