The Marley Army is recruiting now! seeking 3 committed players, winning is fun,

We are going on 3 years strong as an active alliance.
We are wanting 3 COMMITTED PLAYERS!
Members that use all their Flags on Titans and War!
We want players who like to have fun, defeat Titans, and win Wars, and play the events for fun! Otherwise we are laid back. Just do your best is all we ask,
No requirement on cups.
Be friendly, encouraging, supportive to team members!
Check chat regularly for info.
Be active, or let us know if life interferes!
Leader is understanding and very active in game
We are Global so English is a must.
Come by and check us out. Couples welcomed!
We play for fun and winning is FUN!
Must be in an Alliance to fight Mythic Titan…it’s fun! TRY IT OUT!


Still accepting new members…come try us out!

We are still wanting those active committed new members! What are you waiting for?

We are still wanting active warriors now to help with 9 and 10* Titans!

Bumping the ad…20 characters!

20 characters…bumping add

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Still need 3 more very active players to help with Titans

Moving ad up! Need 3 more active players…hurry up and join!

Still need 3 more members to fight high level titans! Come join us!

Seeking committed players

Bumping my ad…come try us out!

Still recruiting new members! Come have fun with us!

Still needing 3 committed, active players

Bumping my ad…still recruiting

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