The Marley Army...As the game grows, so does our Alliance

Come join us and help us celebrate our one year anniversary! Several players have been with us from the start! We are not a “revolving door” alliance! Recruiting for 2 experienced players who are active and love E&P like we do! We offer the chance to challenge yourself against 8* and 9* Titans plus rare. We also have a top player on Titans that We would love to see a player take on and beat! Lol! We have an active, supportive, friendly chat with no drama! We consider ourselves a family of mature experienced gamers of all ages, and are global! Requirements, cups 1000, must use all flags on Titan and War ( war is optional)! Be respectful and supportive on chat with a positive, win attitude! To be honest we could use help with the 9* Titans. Our defense teams range from 4200+ to 3200+. We do have war strategy and have been quite successful! So come give us a look over, guarantee we are what you are looking for! No stress, no pressure from leaders! Just have fun playing with an awesome group, that I am very proud of! Thxs, marge 32179


Just dropping by to say “Happy birthday” - an amazing feat for those also celebrating an anniversary :partying_face::tada:. This speaks volumes for the type of supportive and encouraging atmosphere you must have!

Who wouldn’t want a piece of this if they’re looking for a change?! GL with recruiting.


Thank you for your nice response!

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