The Magic of Dawa ~ Like you have never seen her before!



Three S1 heroes for the F2P under the game,
Seven S2 for the C2P with their wallets of stone,
Nine S3 for whales doomed to spent,
One hero to beat the Dark Lord on his dark throne;
In the Land of E&P where the tiles lie.

One hero to rule them all, one hero to play with her,
One hero to bring them all, and in the raids bind them;
In the Land of E&P where the tiles lie.


Max her to the max.

20 darts for maxed Dawa.

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norns, sif, white rabbit, delilah, odin

combine to form



The hilarity of personal perception. I was watching, thinking,; “this attack is taking forever” and it is complete at 1:18. lol. Kind of like me vs Titans. I can watch a video and it seems to take 5 minutes and when it is me doing the attacking I feel like I have 30 seconds only. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The magic of technology. Dawas now do the specials of Siff, White Rabbit, Odin, etc.


If I had but known??? I would have kept the entire 4 Dawas I got in the last 12 months. Now Bane? Omg, I hate that guy.

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This special synergy ONLY happens with multiple Dawas. It is a self-hero link—like an elemental link, but much stronger! It summons the power of unused heroes of the same element.


Haha good one there
20 Dawas

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