The Lumber Jacks are Looking for 3 Players eager to Train

Semi-serious, somewhat competitive (like, we try hard and want to win but understand that life happens, so we’re not militant) have space for 3 new members.

If you are looking to learn, have a lot of fun, and kick some Titan butt, we’re a good place to be.

We face 9/10* titans, we are 7 wins, 3 losses in last 10 wars - 2 of those losses by under 30pts - we endeavour to use ALL war flags, and we follow a general strategy when hitting during war. 2 of our members are frequently in the top 100 and both have been in the top 3 globally. We also have 4 relatively new members who are learning the game and developing 3/4* heroes.

Our philosophy is that we may not be the strongest or the most organized - but we will always try harder and have better participation than the enemy. It’s served us well so far.

We have about an equal gender distribution, and we are LGBTQ friendly. We are an English speaking alliance with players based in 7 countries.

We are adults only and on occasion chat will get a bit dirty. :wink: We are always respectful.

Come join us.


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