The look of love..heroes that should be a couple

I saw these two and thought they’d be a perfect couple.

Do you ever think heroes are meant for each other?


Small issue, Bera is pregnant in her artwork.

I suspected that was the case and then decided to look up her story in Norse mythology. Yep.


If Bera’s a tower (height-wise, canonically speaking), sure. We love a size difference couple!


Morel and D’Artagnan

Odin and Waddles

Roughian and Nurgib

Did I do this right?
These guys look compatible


I ship it



Absolutely, Morel and D’Artagnan are a pair I didn’t expect, good effort!

Odin and Waddles :rofl:


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Kind of aloof and do their own thing on their own trees, but there for each other when it counts


Lol brilliant @Homaclese and a pair not to mess with @Vandermar1979

How on Earth can you think they´d make a good couple???

She is way out of his league! And she knows it! Not just the looks, but especially the brains! She´s going to wipe the floor with him, because ruthless is what she is, make her CEO of SG and we´ll all wish for the good old days when Zynga took over SG.

He hasn´t got a sliver of a chance, he´s a friendly nice guy of not too high intelligence. Being in love is not enough :frowning:

This is not a romcom where stuff like that works out. This is life and death battle on a daily basis. Porthos will take a bullet for her on their second date and that´s the end of that love story.


:rofl: But look at his face, he’s smitten with her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

OOOhhh that´s a good one!

Could make a good story out of that! Easy to see who´s wearing the pants in that relatinship though (hint it´s obviously the lady in the dress haha)

I wonder how they met? Did the Lady get a new court wizard? Or did she pick her up for her looks when the travelling fair came through town? I guess she likes her as a pet, but with the age difference, I doubt she´ll ever consider her an equal partner… Abuse down the line for sure and a bad breakup, well bad for Willow anyway… Chances for a happy end? Well about 5% better than for Porthos (who is 100% dead), but nothing to bet your next 10 pull on exactly…


I am not making up a story for those 2! I am quite certain SG would not allow half the words necessary for that story! Oddly enough, so far the potentially highest chances to make the relationship work out of all the options…

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They are not a couple, they are one! Soul mates or whatever, too easy, so this one gets disqualified for being too obvious.

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I can buy that!
I wonder if their favorite trees are hanging out in the same forest? Something to bond over for sure. Some people have dogs others have trees I guess? They hang out in the same forest and while the dog owners are having a good time, the tree huggers complain about dogs urinating uncontrollably everywhere. But shared misery is half the misery or how does that saying go in English? I can definitely see half misery on both their faces, so we are off to a good start here!

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Yups the beauty and Hohenwerf


Dunno if this is love


Loving your analysis @Gargon

I’m thinking of Hohen singing ‘shoot me with a poison arrow’ while in stone skin there!

So long as it’s not sushi time @VFROOD :grinning:

I think Melia is giving Dolgoon the look and Dolgoon says that’s enough work, time for play here!


Well Sharky loves food! Another very one-sides relationship. I am unsure where being eaten is on the “abuse scale” though. But let´s say it´s not a healthy relationship for one side, while providing all the Omega-3 necessary for the other side.


I hate it! I have absolutely nothing to critisize here!!!
She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it! And Döl is gonna deliver as always. Let´s leave the 2 alone at this point.
This will have to be the happy end for today and I have to stop procrastinating and actually get some work done on a Friday ;(
Unfortunately my Melia isn´t around this weekend, so Good old Ruffian will have to do for weekend activities. Well I am still better off than talking to the trees or getting shot, so I shouldn´t complain…


:joy: Have a great Friday