The long free road to level 29 Magic (or Styx) troops

Since late May of this year I have decided to focus on leveling up magic troops! So I have been tracking my gains in troop feeders and how I am doing towards achieving these in a year span.

Is it possible to get level 29 troops in a year for free starting at level 1?

Preliminary data is showing yes, it is possible. Total troop experience required is 59,850 for level 29, this equates to 4,988 per month.

How can you get 4,988 exp per month for every color of troop?

There are some variances in feeders per color which leads to a risk of something taking longer. I have not done a great job in tracking my total used troops for the 3 magics that I have, but the total experience between the troop and available feeders is greater than yellow which is the one lagging the most… but still on track.

Exp sources:
Roughly 13 troop tokens a month (use during towers): Estimated 2,990 exp per month
Roughly 100 basic summons (silver tokens, dailies): Estimated 2,393 exp per month
Hero Academy level 4: 3,085 exp per month
Adding up theses means… I need 16,472 exp per month from farming maps… the willingness to grind maps is the single biggest factor in the ability to level troops for free! This means during events focus on 3 energy levels to get the most chances of troop quantity, can’t skip on using the WE flasks either… spread them out between atlantis, vahalla, underwild if needed to easy the farming burden.
Farming… the single largest source of troops!

Where I started (recorded May 27th):
Blue feeders: 8,370 exp, some levels on magic troop (did not record)
Green feeders: 9,300 exp, some levels on magic troop (did not record)
Red feeders: 4,220 exp
Yellow feeders 5,330 exp
Purple feeders 12,240 exp

Where I am today (September 2nd)
Blue feeders: 10,930 exp, magic troop level 17, total exp available 33,200.
Green feeders: 10,730 exp, magic troop level 17, total exp available 33,330.
Red feeders: 26,840 exp, missing magic/styx troop.
Yellow feeders 23,730 exp, missing magic/styx troop.
Purple feeders 12,760 exp, magic troop level 15, total exp available 30,580.

As you may see yellow is lagging the most with a gain of only 18,400… this is still well above the amount needed monthly (4,988) to obtain level 29 troops within a year. It also helps I have a 1 month buffer in exp from the feeders I had as of 5/27.

I plan to update periodically with progress, wish me summon luck for Yellow and Red Styx troops :slight_smile:


I use HA6 instead of HA4, HA6 gives „only“ a little bit under 2600 exp per lonrh compared with nearly 3100 from HA4, but you need only 20-30% of the gam to feed them to your troops.
For me ham is the limit, not feeders…
Happy gaming


Yes, it is a lower EXP output and lower ham cost for HA 6, my magic troops are either under level 20 or missing so I don’t mind the 2* feeders for better EXP output at the moment, once they are all 20 plus the 3* feeders are more enticing.

Also you are exaggerating the ham difference a bit, 90/200 exp is 45% of the ham per exp. Used on lower levels (10-20 range) isn’t very significant long term, a larger impact on leveling the final stretch (20+) which is when I would consider switching depending on overall progress.

If I really wanted ham I could go on a raiding blitz with all my flasks, but I’m mostly caught up on leveling troops for the moment. I’m not touching any of the higher quality feeders (3*+) until the troop is level 20.

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I use those free magic troops for the colours I am short in.

And I whoop for joy when I get free magic troops in my loot.

Hope you get heaps of these freebies, even if they are 1*.


Good thread, thanks for this.

I’ll look forward to seeing your updates.

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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nicely done, I admire your perseverance and patience!


Purple magic is now to level 17 as well. Now I’m mainly just waiting for low level feeders and for the red and yellow magic or Styx troops. Being all leveled does allow me to store ham which is nice, and maybe not try to fill 2 raid chests a day for a bit.

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Had 12 troop tokens so odds were not favorable for getting a red or yellow troop… i did pick up one though:

And i did the first few floors of tower to top off a coin summon which gave me a new hero project (which i needed, i was out of 5*s):

Troop feeder quantity wise figured i can take inventory after next POV starts, towards the end of this month. I know i have enough smaller troops to get green and blue to 18 i just wasnt prioritizing because it is a heal % level.