The logical non HA Dupe Solution

Allow us to Limit Break additional Chevrons but make one of the material requirements = dupe copies of the same card.

This will give value to the dupes AND it will bring back significance of S1/S2 heros as they will inherently be able to be pushed higher than others by virtue of being more common.

As it stands, Limit Breaks are not helping to keep the older heros relevant, as people seem to think it should. Because noone is wasting LB Mats on a Magni when they can use it on a Morel (for example).

Anyways, I know everyone that already fed away all of their Dupes and just want new stuff will hate this idea.

But, it’s the best solution I have considered in a long while.

They’ll never make the LB so hard for new heros.

I think this would widen the gap between newer and older players. It’s a no thanks from me.

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I agree that SG should look to improve on what many of us can do with duplicate 5*.
I enjoy the opportunity provided by HA10 but it would be better if we could “stack” heroes in there rather than retrain one at a time.
However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use duplicates for LB - players at the top will run away with it all ….
Leave LB as it is and wait patiently


Do limit break your whole team then only u can say this line… Team is all about hero synergy that compliment each other…only one hero cant make changes all alone😇