The Little People of the Stronghold don't Wave Anymore

…and it makes me sad. This is also a bug report in a sense because the townspeople are animating very, very slowly and as the title points out they don’t wave anymore when tapped.

The suggestion part is to add customizable townspeople… I had some very dark thoughts about it… their lack of waving has displeased me so I will line my streets with their impaled bodies… bring out the impaling poles, the gallows, the pires of flame! Hahahaha!

Okay, well having a few different themes to choose from would be really cool :slight_smile:


They are creepy now. I tap on them and they … just … stare … at me.

What did I do!

Stare back…lol. Then tap on some birds and kill them to relieve your frustrations.

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(come on really 20 character limit?)


St first I thought it was because it was night and they couldn’t see. Now I am entertaining the thought they nay be zombies, the walking dead…that might explain it don’t you think. Anyway, be careful what you do or what you say around them.

You mean bats…

Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley: Yeah, the villagers indeed turned into zombies for the Halloween! :ghost: Don’t worry though, they should be cured once the festivities are over!


So staff will take time to respond to a rather innocuous post about townspeople not waving, but when countless people bring up frustrations over lack of rare quests, ascension items being impossible to get, titan loot quality going down, general displeasure about gaming quality at the moment…then nary a staff member can be found to respond to our issues…makes perfect sense to me…but thank god we now know why the townspeople aren’t waving…smmfh


If I could dig your post down I would…

Don’t be hatin’ :frowning:


Not hating…just think the game has more important issues brought up in the forum for the staff to take the time to address them townspeople not waving…


Sometimes it’s easy to dash off a quick reply when the answer is simple. A complicated complaint with many facets that include game balancing might not be so easy to answer, therefore silence.

(I’m guessing here…) :confused:


Not if Rick Grimes gets there first :grin:

It’s cool that they are “zombies” but add women and give a few of them hair and a shirt. Not the first time that I asking for this :sweat_smile::+1:

Love the little details the game has!

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