The Level 30 Troops Accomplishment Thread

Didn’t see this in search.

I’m closing in on 26 — think getting to 30 is one of the most tedious Trinity* tasks ; but kind of a badge of honor.

There’s no in game acknowledgement That I’m aware of.

So Post em if you got em.

Or Post/update your goals / progression if preferred


4* L30 Mana -> 3* L20 Hybrid -> 4* L30 Crit

My definition: Max infrastructure, l30 troops, level 100+ acct

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Can we also specify if you have spent on troops? ( i don’t mean the amount of course… just if you are f2p c2p P2 p for troops eg I have been playing over 3 years and have bought a total of 1x10 troop…all rest tokens. It’s a bit slower than people who buys lots! (By the way, my top is now L28 in one colour!)


I’ve been playing for 2.5 years and have zero level 30 troops. The food cost is utterly ridiculous


After 2 years, my best troops are currently at level 18 (3) and level 17 (2) :sweat_smile:
And haven’t spent anything in the game.


Proud owner of these babies all obtained from ETTs and not a single gem used to get any of them at the troops portal or for their food. A little over 2 years playing though.


Same: I haven’t spent any gems to get these. I’m a little over two years playing myself.

Edit: I’ve ate a few 4* troops too since you only need so many.


Oh, these are my selection:

The purple crit troop was the last troop to complete my crit troop collection while the green mana troop was the last troop obtained to complete all epic troops in my collection.

Since I am tanking Telly, I will pursue leveling my green crit troop. The rest of my level 23 mana troops (except green) will be slowly be leveled to 29 once I get at least 2 of their backups to level 17. I feed the backups with 1* troop feeders collected through regular game play while 2* troop feeders and higher will be fed to my main troops for me to get them to level up. Soon, I will be researching HA6 so that I will have consistent 3* troop feeders for them. I still will not spend real money for gems just to summon at the troops portal.


Been playing for 22 months now, and the following are all my 4 star troops. I am a 100% F2P player so nothing impressive. I am still missing a purple mana troop. I have stopped at level 23 for all the troops, and currently working on a second set of mana troop to take them to to level 23. I don’t think I will ever aim for level 30 troops though, I like to spread out my attack force. :slight_smile:


I recall lvl25 troops were a rare sight when I first started playing (Perseus), some people thought you couldn’t level them up higher, lol. Lvl30 were something to behold and an unfathomable achievement by most players.

Troops are one of the few things in this game that’s actually worth investing on (time and/or money) yet one of the most common things to neglect.

Anyway, I can go on and on, suffice it to say, DON’T NEGLECT YOUR TROOPS AND LEARN HOW TO USE THEM PROPERLY…

These are mine. Working on my 4th set.


I been playing for 2.5 years and I maxed my troops about a year ago and love it. I’m not going to lie it did cost me a pretty penny.



Wow lol thats impressive :slight_smile:


Congrats !

Personally, I did spend on troops, but nowhere near, not even close to what people think. I do know of a few who maxed them overnight tho, oof, and that’s a few thousandth dollars. But hey, it’s only money (to some) so to each their own. Maxed troops opens up a whole new style of play, imo…


Sadly, I spent several thousands playing this game over the years. I have a great roster but at the cost of a “nice” used car or truck.


Got plenty of troops, but that ■■■■ is expensive

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