The Legion Family Is Recruiting - Top 100 Through To New Players

The Last Legion Family have open spots for active players of all levels. From top 100 players, through to new players there is an alliance within the Legion Family for all levels.

The former Raging Titans family has now joined The Last Legion to form the Legion family of alliances.

In just 3 short weeks this has seen Legion of Darkness go from a top 1,000 alliance with 22 members to a full 30 and breaking into the top 200.

The Last Legion

  • Top 100 Alliance
  • 4,200TP
  • Minimum 15 maxed 5* and 15 maxed 4* Heroes
  • 14* Titans(120K average damage required)
  • Mandatory War
  • LINE @Hilaria11

Legion Of Darkness

  • Top 300 Alliance
  • 4,000TP
  • 2,200 Cups
  • 12* Titans
  • Mandatory War
  • LINE @AndyBSG

Legion Of Twilight

  • 3,000TP
  • 1,000 Cups
  • 8* Titans
  • Optional War(All flags must be used)
  • LINE @Lare58

Legion Of Shadows

  • 1,000TP
  • 1,000 Cups
  • 6* Titans
  • Optional War(All flags must be used)
  • LINE @TheSett

Still got a few open spots, particularly in our entry level alliance and our top 200 one(~Legion of Shadows~ and ~Legion of Darkness~)

A couple of spots open in Legion of Darkness for 4,000TP+ players

Contact me on LINE @AndyBSG

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