The League of Eternity is looking for new members (new and veteran players welcome)

The League of Eternity is an alliance for anyone looking to get back to having fun in this game. We have a handful of ex-high-level-alliance members looking to take a step back from the craziness of the game. We are looking for high level or newer players alike, as long as you are here to have fun and hang out!

Current status:
-Fighting in wars
-Fighting 5* titans (our numbers are low, so your addition could push us to higher * titans)
-Helping out our newer members learn the ins and outs of the game

We hope to see you at L.E.O soon, if you don’t meet the 800 trophy minimum, just message me (line ID: pwprosap) and we can lower it to let you in.

We have been gaining a couple more high level players (teams 3500+), but we are looking for newer or more intermediate individuals looking to learn more about E&P while having fun in a low stress environment. Only rule is to have fun. Again we are flexible on requirements!

Looking for new members both experienced and new players currently have 13 trying to reach 20 members. We play Wars frequently but only hitting lv6 Titans and need support to go higher. We are a friendly bunch made up of people from all over the world so come join us “Lord Of Thoron”

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