The Leage Loot is subpar

Happy gaming if you even know how.

Personal attack? If all you know how to do, is complain, then I feel sorry for you.

I don’t have bags of money to throw at this game, but I also don’t need someone to cry if I do spend something that you never worked for.

Look at all the mods on this forum, look at all the folks who actually spend their time making things that thousands of others can use in this game, and tell me that they do not work at all.

SG has NEVER given good loot. I don’t believe they ever will, so go cry over that.


We can do this all day my friend. You have your views and other have theirs. You have a hard time accepting that? That’s on you.
Your last statement is completely incorrect. I have been playing this game from the beginning and lots of people also clearly noticed a huge change in many aspects of the game including the loot.
And even I fail to see the rationale of your point saying SG has never given good loot so they should continue to do so and people should shut up because you decided that you were annoyed. This isn’t middle school. People in the forum aren’t here to accommodate your needs.

I like the loot for ranking but, it is insane that you spend a whole month of your time to make it to the last round and there is no 10,001 and below reward. Even the losers in war of three kingdoms get around 10 3 kingdom coins plus other stuff. No, you get nothing but the crappy participation loot which is garbage. I won’t make 10,000 but, I tooth and nail fought people whose defense was 500 or way more points higher than my best attack teams and beat a lot of them all month without getting cut. And I get way better loot for a 3 day event if I lose. Why would I ever want to participate again? Not that I didn’t win but, because it takes up too much of my time. A month of my time wasted. I envy those who got cut early). I will never make 10,000 but I have globally been in the top 100 a couple of times (before the best teams became over 6000 points I even made 36th place once for a very short time). Wise up guys, it isn’t rocket science. Many other events give good loot just for completion of the event. (unless 10,000th is actually the lowest of the remaining 75%).

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You could see “participation week 4” as your 10.001+ reward (unfortunately randomized). Personally still at 4769, so I might just squeak into the 10,000 loot. Such as it is. The 30 Untold coins will put me over 1000 coins, so will be welcome in any case.

Oh yes, I am so glad I will get utter garbage loot that I would get for a months worth of effort. I will literally get better loot for the current tower event that only took a couple of days.Good luck. Hope you stay under 10,001.

I noticed today participants got extra loot (10 of each emblem and a couple of trainer heroes for any color). I do feel a little better about spending a month on this (I never even expected to make the last round). A non sarcastic thank you to the powers that be.

I got the emblems/trainers and didn’t join. Thinking everyone received them

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