The Leage Loot is subpar

Who are they kidding with the current League Loot ?? I mean are we seriously expected to compete in an event that lasts an entire month to be rewarded with a couple of trainers heroes and other minor reward ? All this while trainer heroes are free as Titan loot and mystic visions?? Come on.
I like the idea of the League but please amp up these rewards significantly.

I agree the loot is not worth the effort of setting up a defense. Then the event uses raid energy. I am not going to use raid flasks. I have a life outside the game and don’t want to have to log in anymore than i do already.

It also makes POV/POG raid tasks take longer.

The loot needs improving.


Loot in E&P is pretty bad in general. But the loot for Hero League is placeholder since it’s still in beta. It will most likely change afterwards.


It’s a beta test. Of course loot is subpar.

Well then let’s hope it improves significantly upon release


i point it out too, all loot not just “placeholders for testing” is not revised as it should be, 3-4 years ago event loot was the same as today when we have x 1000 more players and its way way harder to achieve one of goal for better rewards


It is actually not subpar it is insulting.
As Bob noted in another post the hero league costs the player more by missed out normal raids ( food, iron, recruits ) than the player gains by playing!!!
Another great example of the owners bad pr division! :rofl:

This might be an ftp’s point of view probabely…but still…


they’ll improve it at some point…by just a smidge…you’ve seen your tourney, w3k, etc rewards so expect bout the same at best…for a 30 day event that costs hams, irons, recruits with every flag win or lose…


Well…they will either improve it enough to make it worth the players time or it will be a very small league with all the ftp players entering and doing 1 attack to get minimum loot! :rofl:

Consider this an opportunity to practice with the event and get a feel for the flag usage before having to commit resources. On the flip side, SG can ensure that nothing weird happens that would be problematic if there were real rewards up for grabs. Personally, I think people need to stop complaining about the beta test rewards and choose to take advantage of the practice phase or not.

Perfectly said and I could not agree more with you ! We all know the key loot to max heroes are aethers (alpha and regular) so why pretend by offering loot that is not relevant SG ?

Your point of view is absolutely valid to me ! The fact that participation to this League eats up regular Raids flags is a problem in itself.
With respect to the loot, you said it better than I ever could. Ridiculous really.

I agree with you. But that means it won’t be worth a month hassle.

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The issue is not the sub-par loot. The issue is they keep throwing these live beta tests at us at all. I for one do not want to be a beta tester.

And yes, SG has a tendency to only marginally increase the “placeholder” loot after the live beta because players showed by participating that the loot was acceptable – in their eyes.

I see what you mean. Although we still have the option not to participate at all.
With respect to the loot, I am not surprised they would come up with such a strange rationale to justify this “loot”.

Then sign up, make one attack and get minimum loot.
Thats the way of the ftp and works with many different aspects of the game.

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LOL I got carried away and made two.

Still, I only signed up to see what the fuss was about. Not bothering to beta test this in any meaningful way as I don’t have the time.

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Calling it subpar is an understatement.
If you maximize the league, that is 240 raids in total. 240!!!
Imagine what the reward value is for doing 240 normal raids…
And then the time investment for that ridiculous little loot one can get. I mean rewards in this game is insulting as they already are, 3kingdoms etc… but this isn’t like 10% of that even relative to time investment. It’s just insulting. It makes me feel braindead stupid for even taking this game seriously…


You just spoke so much truth I don’t even now where to start. Thanks for crunching the numbers and yes they are taking us for fools with such loot. Beta or not. It’s still 240’ raids !!

Seriously… make it worth the time & effort of doing at least 180 Raids to make it to the final Round.

Think about it: 180 Raids for a 5% chance at an EHT, 30 Emblems, and ZERO 4* assmats. It really is absurd.