The last match that kill last monster and cause "no more match" make game do 1 more combo

Normally when the last match that kill the last monster (in boss wave) will make game stop even the board can do more combo.

But when that last match cause “no more match”, the board will shuffle and do 1 more combo.

It has no much effect on game but still can affect score in challenge event.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not. I think it is better to report than do nothing.

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@Guvnor @Petri Could you please reply something ? Is this really a bug or it work as intentionally ?

I expect it’s working as intended and is such a rare occurrence that it will be very far down the list to be addressed.

But I understand that it would be annoying if you are playing challenge events and it adds some time to a good run.

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Agree with Jonah. And I’ve seen it happen once during a challenge event.

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I know it is rare occurrence but a least, they should say something rather than do nothing. A least, I want to know if work as intentionally or not ?

It’s working as designed.

As stated, it’s a rare enough occurrence for them to not prioritize it.

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