The Lament of a Hero Pulled

Once upon a darkened night
stood ol Duche in delight
he gathered his gems he gained
and dreamt of the heros he’ll rein
The button was big, shiny, and bright
the summon gate said “allright”

the first draw came and to his surprise
a 3 star came before his eyes
the next few were much the same
3 star after 3 star, was quite lame
and finally on the final draw
came another 3 star, final straw

His hair was pulled from the root
he gave his phone a solid boot
The tears ran from his eyes
but then he got a big surprise
“Bonus Draw” glowed in bright blue
you’ve got a 5* all lovely and new

The excitement was apparent, the joy is true
But what was ol Duche to do?
He researched and checked the info he could
was this hero that he got any good?
at last, the answer was found; the hero is gold
but due to lack of materials, it’ll be maxed when its 4 years old

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Forgotten Unity


Ahahaha that’s excellent!

Great effort @Duche

I shall add it to the library

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