The Knight's Oath (TKO) Is Recruiting Again! - Only 1 Spot Available

Are you on your own looking for a great alliance. Or is something missing with your current alliance? Are your posts to in-game chat answered by the black silence of space? Do you find yourself talking to Titans for comfort? Are you searching for an alliance comprised of great minds with sitcom-worthy banter?

The Knights Oath (TKO) is your answer to all of those questions!
Alliance Name: The Knights Oath

We’re looking for committed players to add to our strength. We are a friendly, drama-free and active alliance and have a lot of fun playing together. We are war focused and ask that you use all attacks or communicate about absences in advance. Most of the members in TKO have been with the game for a while and we represent a variety of levels of experience. We have members consistently ranging from 2600 to 1400 raid trophies. Most have advanced buildings/strongholds and others are working that way. We are constantly learning from each other and we share all of our tips and strategy with all members. This is the place to learn, grow and be part of a family!

Many Knights are US based in East or Central time, but that’s not a requirement. We do ask that you at least have 2000 trophies and have 30 leveled heroes to complete all 6 war attacks.

We use LINE and we ask all Knights to check in-game chat daily (and more often during war) as we coordinate strategy. We post a ton of helpful tips and links there that will help you grow your teams into powerhouses.

Look for us in the LINE app.
Line ID: blackphillipradiant

So, if you’re:

• Playing E&P daily
• Friendly and respectful to all
• Looking for an alliance you can learn and grow with
• Willing to attack all Titans
• Willing to participate in all Wars
• Tired of chatting with Titans instead of slaying them, then…


One spot still available. Come over and join an awesome, active, friendly and drama free alliance that kicks tail.

Still one spot open. Come join a great and active alliance.

The Knight’s Oath is an Alliance above many others. Strength and dedication is, of course, a great thing for a team. But we have more. I’ve been a member for 88 days now, and have found great individuals that have welcomed me with open arms. We chat and joke on a regular basis, and I have found a commraderie with others that I was not expecting. We will help you develop you skills, give you advice on how to play to your fullest potential, and most definitely make you smile while you do it. I emplor you to join our Alliance to kill Titans, win wars, and experience a level of crazy members you will not find anywhere else. Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination!

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