The KING OF THE NORTH Family is recruiting. We have alliances for all levels of titans 8*-14* and the playing style fit for you

Welcome to The King of the North family of Alliances.

We are: KING OF THE NORTH, KOTN Peace Warriors, Wolves of Winterfell, Ravens of Winterfell, White Lotus and Desculpa.

Our Alliances cover a wide range of levels and playing preferences from relaxed to very competitive. What we all have in common is the love for the game and enjoying it with good friends in a respectful, companionable environment. We look for active players who are focused on team play and friendly communication. We help each other become stronger and more knowlegeable by sharing knowledge and strategy regarding game play and development of your Heroes. We have fun within our family of Alliances through strong communication and a variety of Line Chat rooms covering all topics (AW strategy, Game Advice, General chat, etc.)

Our family of alliances is comprised of:


Competitive Top 10 Alliance. Openings aren’t common. Feel free to reach out on Line for a future spot.

Fighting 14* titans and top Alliances in war.

Members not able to be in for a war or be active on titans may be asked to step out, while taking a break.

Requirements: min. 20 max. 5* heroes and active daily playing. We will ask to see hero roster, prior to accepting a new member in game.

Leader: Julia

Line ID: julia-north

Wolves of Winterfell

Competitve alliance founded by original King of the North members in spring 2018.

We have a great core of longtime members and newcomers sharing our goal of developing for a permanent spot in top 100 and fighting the highest level titans. We expect all members to be daily active and tell leaders if RL issues gets in the way.

Currently fighting 12*-13* titans

Requirements: 4200 TP, min. 10 maxed 5* and 6 leveled 4*-5* war teams. Ability to do 100k damage on 12* + titans on regular basis

Leader: DogDaze
Line ID: dogdaze007

KOTN Peace Warriors

Competetive alliance striving to be in the top 100. Titan requirement will be suspended if notice is given when life gets in the way.

Currently fighting 11*- 12* titans

Requirements: 2400 TP and and at least ten 5*'s. AW opt out is optional if unsure of flag usage, and a 75k average required on 12* titans.

Leader: Beezzer

Line ID: beezzerpw

White Lotus

Active training alliance looking for active players of any level willing to learn and grow with core group of experienced players. We require daily participation but flexible for RL.

Currently fighting 9*-10* titans

Requirements: 2000 cups. All flags used if opting into war. Line app use preferred but not required.

Leader: Oddbogeyman

Line ID: oddbogeyman

Ravens of Winterfell

Ravens is a competitive training alliance with the chance of growth and development. We offer mentoring to all willing to listen and learn. Were looking for like minded individuals to already join a core part of Ravens.

Requires daily titan hits and opting out of war if not able to use all flags.

We understand real life issues happen and ask you to communicate with leads and co leads if you unable to be active for a period of time.

Currently fighting 9*- 10* titans

Requirements: 3500 TP, 20 maxed 4*- 5* heroes

Leader: Ronandex (Khal Drogo)

Line ID: ronadex511


Casual/Relaxed Alliance having a good mix of longtime experienced members and newer players.

Currently fighting 8* - 9* titans while chilling, training and having fun. Alliance wars is optional, but members are expected to use all flags if not opting out.

Leader: Raven

Line ID: josephkay - Recruiter Kay

All Alliances have independent leaderships, goals and policies. Line is required for KOTN, Wolves of Winterfell and KOTN Peace Warriors.

Feel free to reach out on Line or apply in game. If you’re not sure which alliance is the best fit, we’re more than happy to help find the best match. Line contact: julia-north for more info about our alliance family or to be added to our waitlist for full alliances.


We are currently having openings in Wolves of Winterfell, White Lotus, Ravens of Winterfell (new competitive training alliance) and Desculpa


With the new competive alliance, Ravens of Winterfell, this is a great chance to join the North family! They are strong already and getting stronger daily! Don’t miss this opportunity to join one of the best alliance groups in the game!


Great opportunity to get in The North family. Ravens is striving to be competitive and likely won’t have openings for long. White Lotus has 5 spots and prefer 2000 cups but willing to accept very active hungry players who are lower powered. Come join us!

Ravens is slowly filling, but still spots available for any active like minded players. Winter is coming… dont miss this great opportunity to stay warm with a great family!!!

Update: The Wolves and Peace Warriors are full up, but come to grow or reserve a future spot in these competitive alliances by joining the Ravens or White Lotus! Or just come to chill with the North family in Desculpa! Whatever your current or future goals, there’s a place for you here.

Spot open in Wolves…

Ravens, White Lotus, Desculpa has availability for the more casual players

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Ravens still has plenty of room but growing strong!!!

Wolves looking for 2 or 3 strong players to push into the top 100.

Contact if interested


One spot open in the Wolves of Winterfell. We are 4000 points outside of the top 100! Come claim your spot for the last push!

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Wolves is looking for a strong player to join us in the north!!!

Were currently ranked 108 with 29 looking to hit top 100 with member #30. Message me on line or FB if interested… trying to fill spot before war

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Come join am awesome and competitive alliance. I’ve been here (Wolves of Winterfell - sister alliance) less than a month and am loving the the comraderie, shared knowledge and hunger to aim for top 100.

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