The issue with summons and tokens in general

this serves as an honest feedback from an active player concerning a big frustration which could easely be turned into satisfaction.

now in advance i want to establish that we pretty much all know this game is in the Pay to Win and the players who pump in the most cash will get the best stuff…how else with RNG summons can one explain how high tier players get the best new 5* and lvl it up immediatly including fully equipping them with all emblems.

while those players will probably give SG a good revenue, in my opinion they make a big mistake and overlook the “normal” players who like to play this game but don’t have that much money to spend on it.

I count myself to the latter group and am currently so frustrated with the results of my buys, that i am contemplating not spending another cent on anything…and thats a bit sad.

A game should serve a single pourpose…to give a fun distraction from every day life.
However a big part towards the fun of a game like this is a good reward for the hard work.

For example: I try to beat the Ninja tower every time and usually do so, but especially the last levels are good challenge. After spending quite a few hours on this challenge and gathering up the ninja coins for 3 hard earned pulls…what do i get? s1 3* heroes…and thats not fun at all.

another example: I beat the Valhalla event on both hard and regular and then spent all the coins i gathered for in the end for about 15 pulls and i got exactly 1 5*…Norns…meh.

and so it continues with season 4…i beat the stages, gather coins do pulls and so far only 1 s4 4*…while i face other players in raids with immediatly owning fully leveld and emblemed new s4 5*.

it just doenst feel good or rewarding…like i do all the work to get the coins and pull crap while those invest an untold amount in cash on gems to do 10 or 30x pulls get all the new and exciting stuff.

so how to best solve this to give not so wealthy players a good and fair experience while not making pulls too easy:
make it so pulls from the specific coins (be it an event or season) will always result in a hero from that event. the chances to pull a legendary would remain but it would give you guaranteed an event hero and not a boring s1 hero.
pulls by gems will still result in s1 heroes in the summoning pool to make it more fair.

this way it wouldnt be too easy to pull the good new heroes but it would give the players who dont have that much cash to invest a good experience for their hard earned coins.
and i’m sure that it would be more attractive this way for these players to invest some on those 1-2$ deals for coins if they know they will get an event hero even if its a 3*.

A satisfied and happy player is more likely to keep playing the game and invest regularly rather than stop investing or even quitting out of frustration for getting crap all the time.


I can guarantee you that the rate for epic heroes would also stay the same.
So the only thing you would get guaranteed is a 3* hero. While I think this could be useful for S2/3/4 Portal, there I know some people only pulling with free coins still missing 3* heroes, it doesn’t work for the others.

They added Trainer heroes to the portal, so something with more value than S1 3* or 4* heroes when you want to lvl up your heroes and a lot of people were complaining. They even had to reduce the odds in the next Portal if I remember correctly. Now imagine someone buying those coin offers during an event, and pulling 20 Bauchans from avalon portal. The outcry would be huge…

For ninjas they would probably just put a 3* into the portal, to prevent you from getting the 4* to easy (with luck you will still get them from coins like it is now) so after the first tower you will always get the same 3* instead of a S1 3* or 4*. Same thing like with the monthly event portal, after one pull you get something you can’t use and loose potential Xp from S1 4* heroes you could feed away.

Tavern of legends would be even more problematic.
Buy the 30 pull coin offer and get guaranteed 30 old hotm?
They would have to get rid of coin offers and instead sell gems, which won’t happen because it lucrate more if you sell different coins for every portal instead of cheaper gems someone can collect and pull in one specific portal with the cheap deals from all the other portals.

So I could see this happen for S2/3/4 Portal (not really, but I think it could work for Sg) and I would like it, but I think it’s impossible for the other portals.


More than everything else this is a matter of false hypothesis:

And like Romans said: e falso quodlibet.
[explanation here]

The suggestions ill drop here is,
1st- if u want to have fun dont compare your roster with other players be happy with what u have and enjiy game normally as other games…
None of anyone require money from its you as a player have choice to spend money or not…

2nd thing about other top players who gets hero immediately and leveled up are huge spenders,

3rd- power leveling is a process where u pre plan by saving your feedersinto TC/HA and bunch of mats in their inventory to ascend hero as quick as possible process to showcase them in defense team
4th- its upto u wether to spend or not developer never demand for money they just drop offers if u like u buy if u dont just skip…
As simple as that…Hace fun buddy😊

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It’s inevitable at times. Sometimes people just spend a lot and their roster doesn’t justify the amount of money they spent. So obviously they’re going to compare.
I know because I am one of them. Poured thousands into this game, got almost none of those OP heroes this game covets. 700 dollars spend last month just to get an aouda, and a pity pull from HA10 (c justice) as well as 8 devanas. But I’m not complaining as I fully understand that I spend my own money on this game. From now on I will only spend on seasonal months.

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If u spent huge and still disappointed then u know very well what to do🤗

Good evening … I had a problem after a refund, now I am told that in 10 days my account will be canceled … Is it possible that for a refund of 32 €, now I have to spend twice as much to heal the gems?

Probably not the right thread for that, but what does it matter.

Of course it’s possible, if you bought one of the cheap deals used the gems/coins whatever it was and refunded your payment you have to buy the amount of gems you bought but didn’t paid (or the gem equivalent for your coins)

If there are no cheap deals and you have to buy it from the shop it will coast much more than 32€.

You can wait, tomorrow starts a new event, there are probably some cheap gem deals the next few days, but if you want to use your account in the future you will have to buy the missing gems in the end.


Depends on what you define as good reward and what is hard work. For example, in the last few elemental chests that I got, they were essentially worthless: a bunch of farmable AMs, silver summon tokens, gems, and WE flasks. The only useful thing were the costume keys. Basically, they’ve been wastes of time, but it is what it is. Was I disappointed? Yeah, but that’s the game.

I pretty much don’t count on getting anything good on the challenge events. However, I look at the Ninja tower event only to get emblems, and chance of ninja troops. I know that without spending, the chance of getting a ninja hero is almost nil.

Congrats. I used up all the coins I could get and in total I got 3* heroes and 8 4* heroes… 6 of those 4* heroes were duplicates. Given the low amount of gnomes giving coins, I probably won’t be summoning for another year, so I can guarantee I won’t ever get a S3 5*.

Isn’t that kind of fair? I’m not spending money, so I know my odds of anything good are going to be minimal. If others are spending unlimited amounts of cash, I would expect that they have the higher odds.

Depends on what you want from the game. If you are looking for new heroes, unfortunately your best bet is to pay. If it’s just to enjoy a match 3 game and the company of your alliance mates, then the heroes aren’t a big deal.

I also want to pay, but for the amount of the refund … This is a scam … 6000 gems, call tokens, and other things have been taken away from me, and to continue playing, in addition to the damage also the insult … Great seriousness. this is a scam…I would like to understand where it says that they have to delete my account

You know that I am just a player like you and have neither any possibility to contact Sg nor can I do anything for you?

I mean did you refund the money you spent or not? If so how is it a scam when things you bought but didn’t paid are taken away from you?

Here it says you can’t refund anything you bought, if you refund something it’s violating the tos.

Here it says violating the tos leads to deleted accounts.

Again that’s neither my opinion, nor can I do anything. I’m just explaining how it is. If you want to play the game in the future you will have to rebalance your gem account before the deadline Sg set you.

You’ll find what you are looking for in the Zynga terms of Service, TOS… This has happened at least once here that I remember where a disputed and cancelled charge resulted in a cancelled user license. If you opt to take this matter up with them, I would urge you to exercise extreme courtesy. Good luck.

You therefore accept responsibility for all acts done using your Account, whether or not authorized by you, including purchases made using any payment instrument (for example, credit card or PayPal), and you understand you may be held liable for losses incurred by us or any other user of the Services caused by someone else using your Account.

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I am using the utmost courtesy but no one ever answers me … I want to pay but for the refunded amount, not double … I repeat this is the scam, not mine.

I think the problem may be that you purchased deals/special offers that are usually well discounted and the powers that be, will expect you to pay full shop prices for those items. I don’t know that there is a way around it sadly.

I genuinely wish you the best.

I am aware that you are a player like me in fact I am asking for advice … I would like to talk to someone but it is impossible, the bot always answers … I want to pay but not double the amount refunded … I have been playing honestly for two years and I do not think that for 32.99 € I deserve to be deleted the account, that’s all …

Customer service can take a while… After all they have millions, possibly, of customers and immediate response are not always available. The case I mentioned involved (things that cannot be discussed due to TOS) and it is possible to communicate with SG staff I but cannot tell you how for the same previous reason. Maybe you can glean something from @Rook excellent guide to public links and or E&P support, (purchase issues)

I think you should understand that when we make a purchase Google and/or Apple get around a 33% commission. SG set a base price that the third parties work with. SG still have to pay a commission if you choose to pay for the items now (based on their standard offers) and given that they sent you a personal message you have consumed human time resources too. Your request would require them to make a seperate invoice just for you taking more time and hence another added cost. Personally, an extra 32 Euro? I would suck it up and move on. I lost far more, believe me. I almost disputed a charge once, before I realised Apple Game Centre had bundled multiple purchases over 4 days into a single charge. I’m still constantly relieved I didn’t take the dispute route.

It may take a few weeks to get a response from SG direct which may involve not being able to play for a while in the time frame you gave, my guess is they will suspend your account when they say, but will not delete it for at least 6 months as set out in the TOS. (sorry, I didn’t read the European specific instructions).

Have you approached your game service provider, i.e Google or Apple and try to explain to them you disputed a charge that later turned out to be a mistaken dispute? e.g “Dear ‘service provider’ how can I pay that back?”

I’m not being a fanboy here but trying to prevent others from making some of the errors I have (which I also can’t discuss). It is only by their graciousness I’m still allowed to play one of my accounts.

I sincerely wish you the best. Take care.

I am so happy I finally found something on this matter. Basically, to help you understand my situation, imagine I am you, however my charges were disputed by apple and my bank (although not under my direct approval) and I was refunded 115$. Seems like a good amount of money, however along with the plus 115$ came a negative 34,000 gem balance and everything valuable in my account stripped. Ya, you got that right, 34,000 :gem: hurts the bank. If I want to play still, ill be forced to pay the 350$ bill, or (as I am repeatedly told via SG) play the game and earn the gems. I would take the second option, but every month I am given another 30 days to make my gem balance positive or face another account suspension. Not willing to buy gems as my account is uber negative, I usually earn around 400 - 1000 gems per month. So I am looking at a solid 2 to 3 years of being suspended on the monthly. I have gone through two account suspensions now, and i am willing to bet that at some point it will become permanent.

Now let us back up a little bit. As I mentioned earlier, my bank and apple processed the refund without my approval. I was told by apple that it is possible that the charges showed up as bundled. I took that for what it is, and asked apple and my bank politely not to do anything and allow me time to look into the charges. Not even a day went by, and I had a refund of 115$ in my bank and my account was trashed.

Okay you feel me, that sucks.

This is how SG justifies their actions. Well, they don’t really think it matters how it happened, just that it DID happen.
The explanation I am given as to why I cannot undo the refund, is that I would be at an advantage over other players. How does that make any sense? If I pay them 115$ and they add to my account what they took from me, all is good right? Furthermore, let us pretend that this creates an advantage for me. This would not be fair as i would be in a position of power to players of similar experience and expense to me, which would be bad, I get that.
But what about this crippling disadvantage SG is creating for me? Leaving it the way it is puts me at an extreme disadvantage. I don’t see everybody being asked to buy gems 3x of the normal costs in order to play at all.
As you can probably guess, I have been a great customer to SG. It would be in their own interests to keep me playing.
The way I see it, is if the refund that I was given makes the playing field even, then there should be no threat to suspend or permanently remove my account.
In reality, I cannot do anything but wait for weeks at a time for my account to be unfrozen, just to play for 3 short weeks and go through the process again. All not knowing if this will be the last chance to play.
This is the end of my gripe; however, I am certain I forgot to include some other flaws in this system, I just can’t think of them.