The Insurrectionists Family

Hey peeps! Currently we’re looking to fill out our elite roster with 2 like minded players who love hitting titans and going to WAR! Join us with your best green tank (4300+TP) as we battle back into the top 100!

Or, if you’re looking for a less competitive environment, maybe another of our family teams would be a great fit! Please stop by our discord and say hi!



Hey, I’ve seen you guys before. Good group of people.


1 spot open in Mighty Insurrectionists. 13/14* titans and running green tanks for war. Drop by our discord to apply!

Currently full but please stop by our discord and say hi!

1 spot open - stop by for some pie and refreshments.

Currently out of pie. Now serving up Milano cookies. Everyone that joins our discord receives a HOTM.

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Mighty is looking to fill 2 spots, let us know you’re interested in our ‘join-us’ discord channel!

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One spot remaining. Stop by our discord and say hi!!!

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