The Infected Scabs


Hi Adventurers :grinning:

The Infected Scabs is looking for new active members! We beat 4-6 star Titans but need more help!! Our alliance is very friendly, and it’s great to share the rewards and climb the rankings.

Go alliance menu and search "The Infected Scabs"
Thanks! :grin:


That sounds like a great alliance. I’ll definitely join.


Hi Brobb, how have you been? :slight_smile: Now everywhere in holiday in France and business became very slow so I’m kind of in work and holiday. I checked alliance. It great though Brobb, still same members and became much stronger, I know everyone levelled up but because of you Brobb, such a great leader :slight_smile: Anyway the love bugs is full so I joined another alliance called The English Dungeon. It still small but I’m fighting and supporting them as much I can (I became elder in 1day lol) They are learning like we did, and I’m learning from them too. But I miss you, panda, Vitruvius, ranmel, Clor,Wilhelm ,Mike, all of you. Hope (maybe not) alliance got a spot and pop in there to say hello :slight_smile: .



Sam! I just read your message now - several months late. Let me know how you’re doing.

And btw, The Love Bugs are currently recruiting, so if you’re looking for a spot…


Hi Brobb, nice to hear from you :slight_smile:
How’s everything? You’ve been leading for long time haven’t you? I was in a Ali calls the English dungeon as a co-leader but my work became crazy again so I left last month, but they are expecting to come back. If you don’t mind, I’ll visit you as a mercy when I can :slight_smile: btw do you use discord which is like line but especially for gamers. If you have it, or downloaded, I can sometimes send info about the game. Like January hero pic. (I’m sure you would like her!) and also this month event will be guardian again. I think refract was yellow. Hope you are well. Thanks for your reply!


Merc not mercy lol see you Brobb!


Okay - I’ve got Discord now. How do I find you, Sam?


Oh good! My tag name is samurai#4509. I think you can add me at friends list. If you couldn’t, tell me you tag name and I’ll do it.