The Incognitos - 21 players taking down 10*/11* titans, looking to expand. Line required

Newly formed, 2 week old now 5 weeks old, adults only alliance currently hitting 8/9* 10/11* titans with 13 21 members. 10-0 war record and still going strong. Looking to add additional members to keep ramping up on titans.

Simple rules

  • Do your best to hit the titans as much as you can
  • Use all your war flags
  • Follow simple war strategy
  • No drama
  • No casual play
  • Be a team player
  • Communicate

You don’t need to set your alarm for scheduled hits but if you spend less than 10 min / day on this game, this is not an alliance for you. We understand RL happens. All you have to do is let us know.


  • Player level 35
  • 2300+ Trophy cups
  • 4000 TP best defense
  • No minimum fully leveled 5* heroes but at least 30 fully leveled 4* or 3-70 5* heroes in total (i.e. 6 war teams)

Interested? Reply here or contact on Line ID - phoenixep


Welcome to the forum.
Your alliance sounds awesome - oh yeah this is my home alliance…and they really are!

We also have f2p, c2p and a few people who collect Hotm - team work is something we excel in. But we also have fun and although we’re a new alliance we’ve been playing together for a while.


You know I did tell him to use emoji! Now everybody will think we’re all serious and no play! :rofl:


Have fun and come and play with us! :sunglasses:


this is a great alliance. committed and helpful players. I’m excited to be here.


We killed a 9* rare titan with just the 13 of us, with about 7 hours left on the clock too and no flasks used!

Woohoo, free 4* mats for all of us!! Well, except for @Sarah2, @rapcoon and me of course… Forum users are discriminated against! Perhaps if we would have more forum users in our alliance we could make a stand?!

Edit: I forgot an emoji, so here’s an incognito for you: :male_detective:


War is underway…



And we got our 14th member! Welcome DJC! :slight_smile:

Let’s see if we can whack those pesky 10* titans now! Go incognito! :male_detective:


Quick update - 1 November - :smile:.
We’ve had a few more fantastic players join. There are still a few front row seats to fill. Reply here or get in touch with our leader Phoenix (see OP).

Hope to see you on the other side :partying_face:.

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Hi, I might bring you one big batch of reinforcements.

I can’t post topics yet… so here goes nothing. We are large group of people who looks for an alliance merger. There are few newer players, but 7-8 out of twelve are heavy hitters with diamond raids that can field 6 war teams that can deal with targets above 3800 (both mono and rainbow) and deals some serious titan damage.

Our alliance… just lacks numbers.

I can later send screenshots, but if anyone is interested… my personal bests are 109953 titan damage, 510 in war (5 wins and 6th guy almost defeated) against teams with more than 4k hero power, trophy count of 2996, temporary rank 1…

I can field very solid teams of any colour composition for any game mode with the exception of obscure tournaments like the one with 2 star heroes.

Two of my teams can eb completely ascended and level up 5 stars.

Ares, Marjana
Aegir, Isarnia
Horghall, Morgan Le Fay
Obakan, Sartana
Joon, Vivica

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Thanks for replying. Do you have line? If you don’t, you might want to get it since that’s our main mode of communication. Can you reach out to me there? My ID is phoenixep. Thanks

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Another war won :tada::partying_face:.

We have room if you want to battle in the next one :smile:.


With this many members joining, perhaps we should change the name of our alliance… not so incognito anymore! :crazy_face::male_detective:


Still places to be filled - what are you waiting for?


I threw myself in with this crazy bunch and I haven’t regretted it … yet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Really nice balance of fun and getting stuff done.
Sensible leadership and some great team mates :smiley:


We still have room for a few more. If you’re not warring, feel free to watch the show!


Another war approaches… Aiming to keep our 9 war winning streak in tact.
Want to know more? Reply here or get in touch with Phoenix - see OP. Thanks for stopping by.


Our last titan…

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