The impact of the new 4 * heroes in the game

I would like to hear the opinion regarding the arrival and the impact of the new 4 * heroes in the game (for example Franz on the titan or Ferant as Tank in war) … do you think they are too strong as 4 * or that instead it is good for the game to give everyone a better chance to take off certain satisfactions?

As far as I am concerned I admit that I am very confused … on the one hand I like to see that even 4 * heroes have more importance and that they can potentially be found even by players who prefer not to spend a lot of money … on the other hand when I meet a Ferant in defense seeing his abilities I think istinctly he is too strong … (they are thoughts in freedom, no request for nerf, always against)

Bit of both actually. It is awesome for the players to be able to take 4*’s in 5* content. They are easier to summon/level/emblem. Easier to stand a chance in the top tier playing. Actually usable heroes in the game.

However, comparing the heroes to other 4*’s and it’s an absolute disaster. With the 5* heroes we have a immensely powercreep between Quintus and Lu Bu for example. These differences did exist in 4* content like gadeirus and heroes like Anton now, but they were a lot less frequent and less of a difference.

So far almost all 4* could do be used to some extend. But with the newer heroes it’s getting harder and harder.

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I think it is good for the game to have strong 4 :star: heroes that are viable even against 5 :star: heroes.

Franz’s ability is strong but tempered by the fact that he is Very Slow, so he isn’t really an unbalancing force in the meta. He helps people with their Titans as you already stated.

Ferant’s counterattack is strong, but the counterattack (and mana reduction from counterattacks) is all that Ferant does. Between Ferant or Isrod, I would go with Isrod personally, but Ferant is great and I am happy to see him when I am raiding high diamond.

In Season V there is a 4 :star: hero I really want named Junaid, and I already plan on using him in 5 :star: battles, so all in all I am happy to see some qualitty 4 :star: s

All that said, it is disappointing that SGG will never genuinely balance the older heroes be they 3, 4, or 5 :star: I want to like so many of them, but SGG doesn’t want me to like them apparently :laughing: Poor poor Captain of Diamonds, how I wanted to love you…

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The gap between the past heroes is actually increasing more and more … this unfortunately or fortunately is part of the game … certainly the evolution of the game has been much faster … there is no time to rejoice for a hero 12 more come out :joy:

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Playing since 2017, however, I prefer now to years ago when there were many periods of boredom and very little news (I still remember everyone stopped at the first season without knowing if there was a continuation or not and everyone was telling me to max Obakan and Horghall to pass the time ) :joy:


Kind of fun in that early in the game we used 4 stars when our rosters were starting. I loved bad boy Grimm! When we worked our way to serious development rosters in the mid 2 years we lost focus on our beloved 4 stars in wars. Now, with the advent of even more useful and better 4 stars coming to the game we are now enjoying the game far more. Personally the limit breaks have been the best part of making our favourite 4s back to full action! With beta 100 wars and 12 flags this is becoming more enjoyable as we really have to think about our specific war flags and unique team synergies. Best of luck!

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They stronger than S1 legendaries but other than that… Idk. That’s what it is.

I am all for the newer 4*'s coming out a little more powerful. They add new life to the rosters besides costume rigard, BT and the piggy could always use some company :grin:

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Lately when I’m pulling I hope to get 4* because they’re easier to pull and cheaper to ascend. And, honestly, these new 4* are as strong as the old 5*. Bring in an overhealer and you have yourself a win.

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