The ideal defense team

Hi, I am planning for my defense team in future.
Please ignore current levels of my heroes. Would you tell me which team would be ideal?
I recently pulle August hotm and Guinevere. I definitely wanna put Guinevere and Delilah in my team. Since I pulled August hotm and his skill is quite good with other yellows, I am considering to add him in the team as well but would it be too risky to have 3 yellows?

ZI like your team 4 the best. Having 3 yellows is asking for trouble, plus it will be a long time till you have both Guin and Drake maxed. You also want to make sure you have enough damage on your defense team. Sure Guin, Boss Wolf, Delilah are intimidatingly durable, but if you can’t easily kill the attacker’s heroes then they will usually win in the long run.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Should i even bother to add boss wolf in my team? I know he and Guinevere go well together and boss wolf is born to be a tanker but his mana speed is very slow…

I have Elena, Marjana, Delilah, Isarnia, Drake Fong, Boss wolf, Guinevere and Vivica

For the defense team, which 5 heroes would you pick?

Any other suggestions will be welcome and appreciated!

4th team is the best defence line for me. Delilah will be useful since she has sidekick helping you to deal damage to them (Max of 3 per heroes) I am not sure whether should you max Marjana - i would have prefer to wait for Azlar as his AOE is one of the best plus w Isarnia reduce the opp dmg it might be scary to play against you.

Great luck for having 2 of the strongest tanker in the game. Wolf might be slow but with Guinevere reduce the opp mana while healing it will work wonders with Boss Wolf.

You should have work on Team 4 atm. Hope this help. :slight_smile:

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Aww thank you so much for taking your time to write this wonderful feedback :'D