The "I Really Want Hero XYZ" Mentality

I’m sure everyone has one or more heroes that they’d love to have on their team. Maybe it’s their look, maybe it’s their ability.
How about a way to simply buy a specific hero to ensure they’re going to be yours?
Not entirely sure how this could come together, but I’m thinking there could be a supply and demand mindset included in the setting of the ‘price’, as well as popularity consideration, etc.
This could apply to heroes 3* and up, or maybe just 4s and 5s or just 5s. Leaving the development of extras to discussion here and - get this - the developers. :slight_smile:
But, I’m a little bummed to not have Guinevere and King Arthur after this past event. Would’ve rounded out my ‘Table’ as it is. If they were 5,000 Gems each, maybe I would’ve considered that purchase.

There’s been a lot of angst on these boards about the trend towards play-to-play (P2P) dominating the game dynamics, while Free to Play (“F2P”, possibly including people who chuck in small amounts here and there) players are being squeezed out. The random hero draws are frustrating when you don’t get a decent hero after dozens of summons, but it does give low-rollers a chance.

Any “I’ll buy that hero” mechanism just moves us further down the P2P path. I hope SG isn’t going to go that far.


Here’s my take on it.

I don’t like P2P, so I’m not in favor of the first option. However, you could add a “Preference” button to each hero’s card in the elemental summons. To compliment that, add quests that focus on the element of the hero we want. Players decide they want, for instance Lianna, so they run the nature tracks of the quests to build up nature summon points. The gem cost remains, but as points are built up, they are used by the “Preference” button to assist in getting the hero the player wants.

I will be the first to say it is frustrating and irritating to spend money and massive amounts of time to build up gems, only to get five 3* heroes from an event summon when your drive is to snag “the perfect” 5* addition to your team. 3* heroes are useless to me except to level up my 4 & 5* heroes.

If I want a Lianna for any reason, why should I get a Kadilen? (Don’t get me wrong, Kad is great, I’m only for instancing here) but if there’s something about her I don’t like I shouldn’t be forced to have her. I should also see a better reward for giving the SG my hard-earned cash.

Remember, frustrated players turn to a new game, taking their money with them…

Thank you

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