The hype about Khufu

Khufu is a monk… withstand is a real problem when using Quintin.

Khufu may only get to fire his special once, but that’s because he one-shots my entire team (4972 power) whenever he does. Way too OP.

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He’s slow. If he goes off, you’ve lost before that anyways.

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No. All 5* heroes maxed level, fully emblemed, and limit broken at 75% strength are completely wiped out when he goes off. That’s an insane amount of damage from one hero. IDC if he is slow. This is another Treevil problem, but on a 5* level.

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We’re way passed Khufu by now… there’s so many heroes way more dangerous than him, you barely see Khufu around. Actually, at this point, I’m happy when I see Khufu as a red defender…

:joy::joy::joy::rofl::joy::joy::joy: I got thrashed by a team with Khufu Anne CGP Bastet Sobek

Khufu was the least of my worries.

Compared to recently released hero’s khufu is not scary now a days.
Ahmose, Goesck( similar to khufu) Kemeny, Anne, Jove, G. panther are faster and scary.

My point exactly. Most nowadays heroes do stuff I don’t even understand, I have to look it up, to figure out why my team suffered sudden death… At least, ol’Khufy does straight clean damage, easily fixable by any healer. What I hate about him most, is him being a monk, able to withstand ailments.

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