The hype about Khufu

I can’t understand the hype about Khufu being OP.

Yes he hits like a truck but I have have much more problem with other heroes in defenses.
I think there are many ways to come around his attacks, first of all he is slow and usually he only get the chance to do max one hit, if even that. Second, chain attacks are not optimal especially since some heroes hits harder to all enemies. And if you have some minions before the attack, the damage is not game changing at all (I do have Hulda and cFreya for minion protection).

Before his buff he was weak (seems like everybody wanted a buff before) and nowadays he is great but not OP imho. What do you guys think?

Also I do have him, tho sitting at 3/70 (got him the first s5 portal) since I don’t think he is that good - or rather, he is great but there are better alternatives out there and especially if he gets a (unneeded) nerf.


Heroes alone will always have a good/appropriate counter and weakness. But in a raid, going up against a tank Xnolphod/Ludwig flanked by Khufu, thats where he shines the best. Any team that can speed up his slow speed will make him very scary to go up against. Can you imagine ludwig tank with morel and khufu flanks?


I don’t think he is OP. But he is really freaking strong if he fires. If you are debating whether to ascend him or not, I would highly recommend, especially if you have mana helping hero’s and the right troops. I use him on raid defense and most war attacks. Don’t use him much on raid attacks. IMO he is very worthy of the mats with the right support. Happy Gaming my friend

I use him in Double formation raid D. Rhys, Krampus, Liu Bei, Ludwig, Khufu.

Also in the monster island in beta. I have been pairing Octros, Ludwig, Khufu. Those 2 can wipe out an entire horde of 8 or 9 monsters (can’t remember how many the max is) but it’s pretty funny.

I agree. The point of this thread is not “should I ascend or LB him”, rather to discuss if y’all think he is OP or not or just overhyped. Daily I read about people who thinks it’s only a matter of time before he gets a nerf since he is so OP.

I do agree that he is strong and next to Ludwig he is a beast. Even tho I think almost any hero next to Ludwig is really powerful so if I had to choose who is more OP Of the two I would say Ludwig.


it is pretty much the same arguments. it has its own topic

“khufu is too strong and killsled my entire team”
and if you see the team it has no counters to khufu, without emblems or they had beed damaged already

he is slow, you have time to deal with him
“but mana boosters make him average/fast”
so team synergy combos is now an issue? :thinking:

many more similar arguments. i deal with him in many many differnt ways. recent one today was kiril costume/vela and i purposely waited for him to fire. he did 300 damage to my team.

pretty much any strong damage dealers around ludwig are a threat if he fires without having counters to him.

ludwig is rarely an issue as tank anyway.


I do agree, I don’t think he is a bigger threat than anyone else really. So I don’t see where all this hype is coming from.
Even tho I do understand that he can hit like a truck, but said that I have more problem with other heroes (which I don’t think needs a nerf just because I don’t have a counter)

Problem is the other slow heroes lacks power compared to him. He can kill an entire legendary team with his huge damage + elemental defense down (which is a high quality special alone, his can go further with more hits) + a killer passive and family bonus.

Most of other slow heroes can’t do even half of the half of that. Even very slow like G. own and Wolf Boss can’t do half of that.

Problem is the same problem of always, Avalanche of new super powered heroes without balancing the older ones.

Now compare Khufu to Quintus. Both slow. Or even Mokarr who is average. I understand newer heroes needs more firepower but some situations like this are ridiculous.

I don’t blame people for calling his OP. Compared to other heroes that need that same food and materials to be leveled, he sure is.


Khufu. The hype is real. The hype is worthy in my opinion.

  1. I think there is no question that Khufu is one of the hardest hitting defensive heroes you can come up against right now.
  2. I think there is no question that if you see Khufu on defence then you need to plan how to deal with him otherwise he’ll deal with your whole team.

In my opinion, these 2 current facts are what make the hype about Khufu real. The moment you need to ensure you can counter or kill a particular hero, regardless of the full team composition, then you know you’re dealing with a troublesome hero.

  • Is he OP? No.
  • Can he kill your entire team if you don’t counter or kill him? Yes.
  • Would I max him if I had him? Yes

All just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


The real issue here is Khufu can hit for functionally 520% to all with dot on top.

People always argue that x hero is not op, and we understand that heroes can be countered, but him and Goseck are bad for the game. Heroes that are one button nukes will be the death of this game. Unintended combos occur often, good tile play is getting rewarded less and less now and everything now depends more on the size of your wallet. Extreme power creep is bad for us players, but great for SGG.

SGG are watching and evaluating, they put him to 450% to increase sales. S5 portal is far from over, so I suspect he won’t get nerfed. Heroes will be released to counter him, 400%+ slow will eventually become the norm and then 400%+ average will start to appear. Phase 2 of emblems and aethers will also drop by eventually giving us more survivability. The cycle will always continue and more players will leave.

Anyhow, my alliance is currently fighting a top 50 war with just 1 Khufu on the field, so maybe VF is the real problem…


this is the more reason to ask for older heroes to be buffed rather than newer ones to be nerfed.

morel is basically a better isarnia
killhare is a better quintus
lewena is a better azlar…
… etc
the vision few years back was different. it won’t be an issue if they got buffed to be relevant now or to lower the power gap.

Asking for nerfs is not the way and the community needs to be together and be encouraging for buffing mentality
buffs lead to diversity and fun. i use vela now and actually see vela and jade on defences. hopefully we’ll see more similar buffs and diversity :heart_eyes:


I agree 100%. The issue isn’t Khufu, the issue is absurd situations like C. Panther doing 280% damage to all at fast while Quintus only does 270% at slow.

Or azlar mediocre special at the same speed as Khufus… And the others you’ve mentioned.

I also hope more buffs are coming or the game won’t be sustainable soon.


Buff Buff Buff

Buff portals too. I would also like to see portals with S1 heroes all come with costumes

Now I’ll only do 10 pulls on portals without S1. The challenge events are big for me with event heroes with costumes.

Been in the game for 4+ years CTP these heroes still have value for me.

Still kicking butt on the top defensive sets no matter who they are. Sure some of them make me think creatively for my one flag kills
I’m still winning and having fun


Theres an upcoming counter to khufu, his name is Ahmose and he reflect damage and status effects from red, like a blue version of mitsuko, but he hits hard as well

Facing Khufu means the clock is ticking. Every turn that he’s alive, he’s gaining mana, and one turn closer to me losing.

Heroes like Noor, I just completely ignore. Khufu has to…has to…has to be killed before he fires.

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And now a very fast with 200% damage to all was tested in beta, before every one is asking for morels nerf because of his fast speed with 200% damage to all as well thats why they reduce it to 180%

Well that means he is doing his job as a finisher.
It is something all finishers have in common.

The only reason strategies like that with Khofu work is the lack of fast and very fast mana control options. Xno is the best tank because he is medium fast and therefore it is a race to get that 9 tiles before he goes off. 7, 6 and 5 Tile Counters to him are not that common beside Killshot-Kombos. Thats the reason why fast and very fast protection heroes are sooooo good and rarely lose their value over time. Grazul is still relevant for example so are Malosi, Vela or Frosth.

Khufu is very good max and lb him

Yes! That’s just spot on!

Come on everyone! I take a team with a TP of nearly 5100 and one shot from him kills my entire team (and he’s always flanking Xnolphod tank)…I don’t shy away from raiding and very rarely re-roll but if I don’t get the opening board right, that is it! Game over!

If we don’t call him OP, who is OP?


Goseck is OP, and other gargoyles, stoneskin feels like forever