The hunt for Ares (it's learning time)

Yeah Marj being a rogue can be cool, I’ve definitely attacked defenses where Marj was super annoying. I think there’s better choices for rogue though. Any of the average speed heroes would be better because at tier8 they get a mana break with lvl17 mana troop. So I’ve been giving khiona rogue emblems. Some people are giving them to Alice who is a tier 1 hero for both offense and defense. Marjana isn’t bad, I’ve stopped saying that. I used to say that. But she’s just kind of ok. She’s not great.


And in same boat w Khiona over Alice bc my alliance runs yellow tanks w purple flanks, and I have to choose between Alice and Kingston in the right corner. I went w King rather than split emblems.

Here’s my Ares as of about 5 mins ago - just got to +17

Someday I hope he gets a costume where the only change is a proper sized helmet.


I’m somehow so far behind on emblems I don’t know how everybody has +17 80’s :confused: the highest talent one of my 80’s has is +9

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I’ve been diligent - but when I had +14 a couple months ago… I saw +18 and 19s

Im guessing its probably the loot they’re getting from beating very high level Titans. Also finishing in the top ranks of events and raid tournaments. My highest emblemed hero is at +11. We are barely beating 8* titans. Its rare we beat 9* Titans in my alliance. So the loot is not that great yet.

Emblems are only completion rewards for events, regardless of rank. Also, only rare titans yield emblems. Tournaments are a solid source though. A list of emblem sources can be found here:

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Yes, Ares is a terrible tank, see below.


You were attacked only by experts in this game. As I was. Just went online few minutes ago (in my lunch break at job) and I found this. And this happens almost every day. So, if Proteus as tank (and another two 4* as wings) keeps me at 2500+, this makes him a good tank for diamond? :wink:

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The only annoying red tank is BK and that is because of the ‘just a flesh wound’ while protecting his whole army.
With three blues on average board , he does’t stand a chance though.

Overnight my 4-1 Christmas defense went positive in cups. It’s not a good defense it’s just for lolz. If this defense can go positive overnight, it’s really quite absurd to trash ares tank.



Last night it went -10 overnight. Seriously if a 4-1 defense can do this, Ares tank in a well built 4K team is totally fine dude.

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Aegir is one of them

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Ares+7 tp4091 looked good enough against my
Kiril+9 Grimm+18 Sonya+18 Sabina+15 Merlin+15
It’s not that the board was far below average, just didn’t quite kill Ares before he fired, then my peeps died quickly. No specials got off. Short battle.

Ares is a very important hero in my red team. right now my red mono suit is in this situation.

In the future, along with the second ares,

the hotm hero will also take his place in the team. and marijana and the few will retire. increased critical strike and defense buff are very advantageous. I think ares is an unknown star.

Hey @VaroshKral can you show me a picture of the limit broken card? I have him and love him but never leveled him. So it was interesting to see your post.

of course;

in this state, defense and health have become better than many heroes. With the 2017 family bonus, I think it’s a force that will keep its place in the teams.


Ares popped out of my HA10 a few months back, and while he isn’t shiny and flashy like S4 and new event heroes, I was happy to max him.

He ended up fitting into a wonderful niche because of the HOTM family bonuses.

I run him with Yang Mai, Russel, Ares, Bertilla, Alberich (in that order).

With the crit bonus from HOTM fam, Ares’ crit bonus, crit troops, and talent nodes, Russel and Bertilla get close to 70% crit chance.

The mana flowing in from Yang Mai and Alby stack, so there’s lots of turns where heroes charge after NO on-color matches.

The 15% HOTM attack bonus from Ares (and Alby) stack with Ares’ ability - bringing the attack bonus to 69% (nice!).

I agree that, especially in today’s meta, he’s less effective as a V tank, but he’ll do fine in every where else. Buff Booster Tourneys beware!


I often like when some old heroes are showcased…the crit from Ares and the family bonus makes Ares and some of those old HotM a bit relevant now…not outrightly superb but quite good…


Honestly his stats are way better than I expected them to be. I think if they literally changed one thing on his card he could compete better today. Just change his healing to boosted health. I think that alone would bring him up to speed. Thanks again!


or how about some mana boost? :slight_smile: