The House of Storms[HS1] Alliance Family ~ Search HS1 in Alliances & Join Us Today! 🙂 LINE: Lauri-HS1

The House of Storms[HS1] Family seeks Dedicated TEAMplayers for spots as they open & Waitlists in our 7 Competitive Alliances. HS1’s Leadership is Welcoming, Knowledgeable, & Dedicated to the Best Interest of their Team & The HS1 Family. Each HS1 Alliance runs Autonomously with Support & Enrichment of Family. Search HS1 in Alliances to see our full House of Storms Family & Join Today!

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•NOTE to Alliance Leadership:
If your alliance is seeking to run Autonomously with the Enrichment & Support of an awesome Family, please contact The House of Storms Family Leader Lauri @EP1 or via Line ID: Lauri-HS1 for more information.

Forum: @EP1
Line: Lauri-HS1
YouTube Channel:

Or, Join HS1 Family’s GroupChat to talk with Family re which alliance would fit you best.



The Tropical Storm[TTS], part of The House of Storms[HS1] Family, seeks teams of approximately 12 players for potential merger. TTS has a solid core with dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable Team players who seek like~minded to merge. The Tropical Storm runs autonomously with the Support & Enrichment of The HS1 Family.

For more information Contact The House of Storms Family:
Line: Lauri-HS1
Forum: EP1

~TTS May accommodate a team with more than 12 players* with support of The HS1 Alliance Family.
~HS1 has experience with Dual Family Alliances.

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The Booty Storm~HS1 [TBS] part of The House of Storms[HS1] Family invites Team players Level 70+ to Join us as space is available or join our waitlist. Contact TBS Leader Mikey_47 or TBS CoLeader & HS1 Leader: Lauri-HS1 for more information.

Thank you!

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The House of Storms[HS1] Family is Proud to Announce the merger of The Tropical Storm~HS1[TTS] with Elite Force[EF] ~ becoming Wild Tropical Force~HS1[WTF]. The commonalities shared by TTS and EF were evident early on, including both teams level of commitment, strong communication skills, knowledge and willingness to bend for the greater good. This Like-Mindedness has excited TTS & EF as they begin this Promising New Chapter as one Wild Tropical Force!!

Congratulations team WTF~HS1!

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Pint of Fire~HS1[POF] is a thriving Dual Family Alliance of The House of Storms[HS1] Family in collaboration with the Pint Family. POF is a 4900+TP Alliance stringing 14* Titans, with FFA Wars. If you are interested in joining POF search HS1 in Alliances & Join.

For more information, or to Join Pint of Fire’s Wait List, Contact The House of Storms Family @EP1 or via Line: Lauri-HS1.

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Are you a BUSY PROFESSIONAL with a Hectic Real Life Schedule seeking a Great Team to call Home? Well, The House of Storms[HS1] Alliance Family has you covered!!

The Coming Storm~HS1[TCS] seeks like minded players 4200+TP Average [with mono] to join the Team. TCS ‘Mates are dedicated players who juggle playing with Real Life time constraints. So if you :heart_decoration: playing despite your Crazy RL schedule, TCS awaits you!!

Search HS1 in Alliances and Join The Coming Storm~HS1 or Contact
~> The House of Storms[HS1] Family: Lauri-HS1 or
~> The Coming Storm: Bellek87

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Is there going to be a Snowstorm?


THE GATHERING STORM, part of The House of Storms[HS1] Family, seeks players of all levels who want to Learn and Grow with our dedicated, knowledgeable, Friendly team! Many long term HS1 leadership have ALTs in TGS and mentor teammates while building fun comradre!

As you learn and grow you can move within HS1 with players you know from TGS & meet in HS1 Family chat where you can share & get diverse feedback from players of all levels.

HS1 Family Alliances run Autonomously with Support & Enrichment of Family. So come join our Family and learn & grow with us! Search HS1 in Alliances to join The Gathering Storm & see our full HS1 Family.

For more Information Contact via Line:
The Gathering Storm~HS1: Samthenerd
The House of Storms[HS1] Family: Lauri-HS1

Cannot find your LINE ID? This quick HS1 Family “How-To find Your LINE ID” will guide you to Your LINE ID in seconds!

If you would like to see more How-To Videos on various Tooicsm comment to let us know the topics you would find most helpful. Thank You!

Contact: Lauri-HS1

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The Tropical Storm~HS1[TTS] as The House of Storms founding Alliance has grown over the years & built The House of Storms Alliance Family with 7 Competitive Alliances, 5 Casual Alliances & a Memorial~The Perfect Storm.

Recently, TTS successfully merged some of it’s members creating yet another HS1 alliance ~
The Wild Tropical Force~HS1[WTF] After creating WTF Tropical’s long term leadership & Teammates have set out to refill TTS.

So, if you’re looking for a great home with room to grow & thrive, come meet The Tropical Storm’s Crew to see if we are a good fit! Search HS1 in Alliances & Join TTS Today!


For more information Contact VIA LINE:
Mermaid0204 or

I am wishing for one for Christmas in Florida, USA :blush:

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Lol that’s asking a lot! My fingers are crossed for you :crossed_fingers:

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The Storm Brewers~HS1 seeks Level 60+ 5200+TP** Team players. TSB is one of HS1’s 7 competitive alliances which run independently with support of Family. If you thrive in Strategic Wars, while hitting 12* Titans & enjoy an active friendly vibe, Come meet the Team to see if TSB is a good fit!

TP/Level NOTE:
The House of Storms Family uses players’ War Team Average TP
with Rush to calculate Minimum TP. Minimum Level criteria coupled with minimum TP help players find the HS1 Alliance which best fits their playing style & experience.

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The Booty Storm~HS1 part of The House of Storms [HS1] Family invites Level 70+ Team~players looking for a Solid Team to join TBS or our Waitlist.
Search HS1 in Alliances to Join or Contact Lauri-HS1 via LINE for more information.

The Booty Storm~HS1’s December’s War Highlights!