The HOTM King

In your opinion, who is the best hero of the month until now? :star_struck:
I love GM :heart_eyes:


Considering he’s been out of about 1.5 years and is seen everywhere - GRAVEMAKER!


go to top 100 in raids. You will see there which is the best HOTM. Not very hard to “tell” xD


To me it’s still Hel. She is probably still the best offensive hero in the game. Mana freeze is still the best skill in the game. Hel. Hel. Hell, it’s Hel!


GM is awesome xD :smile:

I really want Hel, but i didn’t have luck yet

Though “she’s” possibly a queen, not a king. Or not. You decide.

lol so true. I though he meant all the HOTM, not just males ones.

It inclued male and female heroes :sweat_smile:

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I have only 3 HOTMs. I think the best HOTM is the one that you have.

My favorite one so far is Malosi.

Edit: before Malosi I was scoring 50k at best on titans. Now I have days with multiple 90k hits against purple titans - 7* / 8*.


Malosi is really a great hero

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My most used HoTM is Alberich or Miki.

I would say Miki or Telly should win overall.


Fully agreed here. Though GM is also a base member of my attack team, Hel’s special in a raid attack is imho the strongest one in the game. She is my favorite attacking hero by a long shot. Hel!


He’s fixed in my attack teams

Ah so many that I like
Telluria, Gravemaker, Vela, Onatel, Malosi, Hel, Zimkitha

And then … three in a row that I have no idea about…
Noor, Bai Yeong, Zulag


I would like to have them both

I like Zim the most, but think Miki is the best, the only gamechanging one, doubling output for titans and legendary challenge events. Don’t have him unfortunately :pensive:

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If it was over a year ago and even with the availability of the current HOTMs in the live game, I would agree GM as the best HOTM. But that was over a year ago when I was still a lowleveled player cowering at the sight of GM in enemy defense as I had very few heroes to counter GM and his DOT, his most feared skill. I have 3 GMs, 2 maxed, one decently emblemed, all obtained not when he was released on the month he was HOTM (2019 Atlantis, TOL1 and TOL2). BUT i barely use him. I rather bring my plain maxed Azlar without emblems since BT + Wilbur + Falcon and then Azlar is more damaging than GM firing after the first 3 epic heroes mentioned. GM’s resurgence is by reason of Telly and Vela. His 135% skill damage to 3 is weak both offensively and defensively even at very fast mana. It’s his burn that’s wearisome for me. But experience and well-equippee players already knew which hero to bring whenever facing facing GM. And Sonya’s costume version doesnt help him much. Again, GM shines in the current meta because of Telly and Vela, and other heroes that make life miserable to the attacking players. But that’s just me.

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My Miki is only 3/70. I haven’t been lucky in pulling bonus HOTM, but the Atlantis portal has been good to me where it counts.

Hm, i couldn’t decide with this 3, and have 2 of every at Max Level :crazy_face:: Miki, GM, Hel
If Miki would have middle Mana Speed, shehe would be the king&queen for me, without any doubt.