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Looking for new information seems easy enough:

  1. Post your question as a new topic.

  2. Then a moderator merges your thread, to a previous thread, that already asked the question.

  3. Then read your answer.

In light of the upcoming holiday, which is rapidly approaching…
I should probably add a second option for finding new information:

If your history classmates are all hunkered over,
and snoring softly behind you.
While you sit at the edge of your seat, anxiously scribbling notes about 300 BC, when the Mayan people worshipped turkeys!

And two-thousand, three-hundred and twenty years later…
there is a special day,
where people are chopping turkey heads off.
Then developing, deliciously elaborate methods to fry-up plucked and stuffed, headless, turkey corpses
Devour them
And then, pick through the empty carcass looking for that last little bit of buttery,
succulent meat!

Well then!..
That search button may not be for you.

The more historical your target is,
the more elusive it becomes!

Call me lazy if you want,
Have At Thee!

Why just the other day whilst peering downward…
Gravity gave a slight tug on my false teeth
Then they splattered all over the phone…

Proposed Purpose

A consolidated gathering place where, questions are directed for community Elders to share their ancient answers, and stories!

and possibly reduce some scrolling activity for
decrepit and lazy members such as myself.
But that’s more of a perk.

In light of the upcoming holiday
I should now state my rules:

Rule 1: If you’re uncertain as to the validity of your historical question please try the search button first. It would be sad to discover that an answering thread has been smoldering for days, on the front page, in which case that’s not history, but news…

Rule 2: In no way, or at any time, is any person or entity to be blamed for the existence of this thread!

with the exception of blaming me directly, as that would be directly accurate.

I have absolutely No Authority, whatsoever!
If you guys want to break the rules,
Well then, please…fire away…
but remember that will be on you

and I hope you enjoyed the read!

And by the way,

Happy upcoming moderators day!


So I’d just like to kick this off with,
“Hey Old Timers!”

and also please let me add @Richter @Sorsha @KLinMayhem @anc1ent1 if you guys ever pop-in,
Your Elder voices would be most welcome!


Which alliance held supremacy first?

Oh and please include any other e&p elderly mentions,
As I am not one myself…
Any list of mine would be
embarrassingly incomplete!

and FYI:


I love The History Channel !!!

In regards to your post I was a little late to the E&P party as I’ve only been playing for about 2 .4 years.

For me when I started it was the Seven Day’s Departed group that ruled the empire. I know there are probably others that have been along longer but this is a good start.

Individually the one player name that was Godlike was @Razor and and of course Zero.

That’s what I remember anyway.

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