The higher the level the worse the summons

This seems to be the case , either that and my and another team member who is also over the 60 level are just having an absolutely terrible run

My summon is better lately than earlier.

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The devs have explicitly said it’s just random, and not tied to player level or any other factor — so I’m going with an absolutely terrible run.

I hope your luck improves! :slight_smile:

And I also recommend this as a good opportunity to re-evaluate your game budget to ensure you’re happy with what you’re spending.


I am sorry you are having bad luck with RNG.

Because this game is pure RNG - no mechanism to help with bad luck - the more heroes you have, the more likely a summons just gives you Hero XP.

We know this will be addressed in the future - skins, shards, trading, Hero Academy, etc. - but for now the best advice is to cut back your summons.


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But does someone explain to me how this game gives ascension objects and heroes?
Good luck or bad luck but with two camps of 20 that make 1 hero a day it is possible that for more than three months he has given me only one 5-star hero.
I have yellow heroes who can’t make the last ascent due to the lack of ditto arrows for the green ones. On the other hand I can raise the blue ee … Too bad that despite the calls with gems I have never seen it.
I’m starting to think that luck or bad luck has nothing to do with it, just the money you spend …
But at this point it is better to stop

Original (Italian)

Ma qualcuno mi spiega come questo gioco da gli oggetti di ascensione e gli eroi?
Va bene la fortuna o la sfortuna ma con due campi a 20 che fanno 1 eroe al giorno è possibile che da più di tre mesi mi ha dato un solo eroe a 5 stelle.
Ho eroi gialli che non possono fare l’ultima ascensione per la mancanza di frecce idem per quelli verdi. In compenso posso far salire l’eoe blu … Peccato che nonostante le chiamate con gemme non l’ho mai visto.
Inizio a pensare che la fortuna o la sfortuna non c’entri nulla ma solo i soldi che spendi…
Ma a questo punto è meglio smettere

I mean…this is - broadly speaking - true. A higher level player needs to get a more specific / smaller set of heroes from the summons for that player to consider the pull ‘good.’ My SO started the game around the holidays and got a free EHT from the Calendar offers, netting Scarlett. That was a HUGE get at the time (any non-three star would have been). In contrast, a Scarlett for them right now would add almost exactly zero to their roster (pending the Hero Academy and whatnot).


Actually this might be worse. I am holding on to a bunch of 4* heroes.

Sometimes it is a relief to get a 3* hero since I do not have to decide “Keep or get rid of X hero”.

Still better to get the hero I want.

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This topic explain many ways to obtain ascension’s items: List of methods for acquiring unfarmable ascension materials via playing

TC20 has a 5% chance (outcome of many player’s tests) to train a 5* hero and this doesn’t change with the amount of money you’ll spend.

True. Opportunity cost of storage space + additional storage space (probably) purchased + emotional frustration could tip the equation pretty easily. I know I’m slower to feed my trainers each morning because a lot of my storage is being gobbled up by potential Hero Academy assets.

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I got a question: I’m level 27 and did an event summons this morning and i thought I had pretty good luck (which is unusual for me). My first pull was Cheshire Cat. I was surprised so I pulled again and got Mad Hatter, then Marjana, Kiril. Was this a pretty good pull? All these were the 300 gen pull not a group pull and my first time getting these people. Everytime I think I get a good character I see threads where people are talking bad about the character so I never know.

That is seriously some good luck.:+1:

Thanks I was thinking that’s almost an entire new team on it’s own. If only I had pulled Joon too :laughing:

Yes, to make a good rainbow team from 5 pulls:grinning:

Are they worse? Or are the returns significantly diminished? I’m level 66 and rarely pay to summon anymore because the chance of me getting something to enhance my roster is so small. This may make them ‘appear worse’ when in reality if I were level 30 it would be an ‘amazing’ pull.


That sums it up well … It’s all relative depending where you’re at in the game. The nice thing about being in a mixed-level alliance is you can easily see how the game (and your own expectations) progresses over time.

I’m at level 62 now and looking for an awesome hero to fill in a gap. Will I be disappointed at getting a bunch of feeder 3 stars, duplicate 4 stars, a weak 5 star? Probably.

Our newest player is at level 22 and just opened level 13 TC. Will she be thrilled at getting some great 3 stars, any 4 stars at all? Probably.

If I were in an alliance of “top” players, we’d probably all be complaining about our lousy pulls because we weren’t getting that one special 5 star.


My opion…simple
You spend the money and make xxx pulls
You make 3 pulls…and get all best heroes
Taged you because there was a similar thing you posted…

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