The hidden blades


Why the hidden blades are difficult to find ? I wait a long time to develop Colen to tier 4.

Help me.


We just had Shiloh Desert.

Mount Umber has hidden blades.

Make sure you try every rare quest - roughly 7-10 day rotation.

Frostmarch [Warm Cape and Farsight Telescope]
Farholme Pass [Fine Gloves and Tome of Tactics]
Shiloh Desert [Orb of Magic and Poison Darts]
Morlovia [ Trap Tools and Royal Tabbard]
Farholme Pass [Compass and Damascus Blade]
Mount Umber [Hidden Blade and Mystic Rings]
Shrikewood [Sturdy Shield and Mysterious Tonic]


It took me 3 months to get 4 blades and 3 more to get 4 more, I should have 4 more in a few months but since I’m ready to focus on 5 star I need 7 more because I just Ascended Colen. I need capes myself, 3 more for Alasie’s final Ascension.


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Keeping ascension mats rare is an intentional design choice.

  1. It helps level the playing field across spending levels. I could spend $1,000 on summons to get great heroes, but I still have to get most of my rare ascension mats through random drops from titans, etc. Thus keeping mats rare means that big spenders won’t completely dominate the game.
  2. It helps pace the game. E&P is unusual for a mobile-device game in that progress is measured not in days, or weeks, or months, but whole seasons. Rare mats drop rarely, so it takes time to accumulate them.

If you play daily, then there should be a trickle of rare mats from Mystic Visions, filling the three Wanted chests, and the Rare Quests that happen every ~10 days or so. Join a good alliance and you’ll get more rare mats from titan drops and war chests. The bigger the titan, the more often you’ll see rare mats (though, always, you’ll get nothing more often than not).


They’re hidden.
That’s why you can’t find them!!’


Every player have problem with different items. I have a lot of orb of magics also hidden blades but problem with warm capes.


Gloves for the monkey;
rings for the lion;
and two royal tabards
for the Executor from Descenthia.