The heroes use magic after the destruction of my team

I have repeatedly noticed this feature in healers: when I attacked an opponent and lost the battle, healers use magic after my team is completely destroyed!
Describe the situation on a concrete example: today I attacked the opponent, in which the characters were arranged in this order: Victor, Mother of the North, SimCity, Lianna, Mariana. I destroyed SimCity, Leanne and Mariana, on the field left only Victor and the Mother of the North.
I was not lucky, I lost the battle, but it turned out this situation: I have the last hero with 120 health points, mana accumulated at the same time Victor and the Mother of the North. Victor used magic and completely killed my last hero. All, battle over, I have more there is no heroes! But then the Mother of the North also uses magic and animates SimCity, Leanne and Mariana!!! Question: what IF I HAVE NO MORE LIVING HEROES AND I CAN NO LONGER HIT??? In the end, the chest is destroyed heroes 3 heroes I got 0!!!
I could still understand when I had the last hero left and the mother of the North would revive the other fallen heroes and then they would strike me! But I don’t understand why mother North and all the other healers use magic after my entire team is destroyed???

Same with Titans. Titan keeps smacking you AFTER time is up.

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