The Heroes' Hero - Poem for @Rook


Folks, a few verses on a topic suggested by our friend @Rook the mod. Sadly, cats do not feature…

Five heroes are assembled
Most valiant in the land
Boldtusk, Kiril, Rigard, Wu
And the mighty Saxon…Brand?!

Rigard looks him up and down
But cannot mask his scorn
“No offence, good sir,”
He says
“But we were expecting Thorne”

“There is no time”, spits Wu Kong
“We must not start to panic,
We face a most fearsome beast
The dragon named Volcanic…”

And so the Heroes march to face
The flaming, fiery dragon
" You’ll be needing this"
Says Kiril to Brand
And offers him a flagon

Brand drinks deep of Kiril’s brew,
He feels his muscles swelling
And now within his feeble frame,
A fearsome warrior is dwelling

He leaps to face the wing-ed brute, sword and shield a-hacking
But can his pure enthusiasm
Replace the skill he’s lacking?

No time to think, no time fear
Brand is at the fore
His strength increased a hundred fold
By Boldtusk’s cry of war!

His stance is of The Gambler
Urged on by Wu Kong
With these mighty allies at his back, nothing can go wrong!

Brand attacks, twice and thrice
But has no way of knowing
That despite his keen advance
The dragon’s mana’s growing.

Till at once
The fire’s unleashed
Thick liquid, lava hot
And toasts poor Brand
To crispy husk
In one almighty shot!

Rigard pauses,
All feigned concern
And prods a smoking boot
“Titans aren’t for One Stars then…do you think he wants his loot?”

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Obvious flaws lie in this titan plan,
besides the ridiculous one star man.
Kiril and Boldtusk? That seems quite redundant
No wonder Rigard was feeling so reluctant.
There is no defense debuffer, a most vital part.
This titan’s probably escaping, time to just re-start.


Ah, well this represents one of those times that one picks a random team to raid a low level, just to see what happens, and then you hit Fight without changing back to your titan team :roll_eyes:

I do that pretty frequently :drooling_face:


Both the poem and the story behind it are hilarious lol

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Poor Brand…I want his loot! :joy:

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