The Hero that made all the difference

I have been wondering… :slight_smile:

Did you - during your days of ‘growing up’, while you were still somewhat new to the game - come across a Hero, that made all the difference to you?

Please share. :slight_smile: It could be any Hero, that just made things so much easier.

For me, it was Grevle. Being able to almost clear a board, then ghost tile charge him, and have a big health boost before going into the next wave, has helped me clear stages, that I could not manage before.

Maybe you came across a Hero that you fell head over heels in love with too?

It can be any hero, 3*, 4*, 5* - It’s also meant as inspiration for others; maybe a few of those that go somewhat under the radar will see new appreciation. :slight_smile:

Or maybe that one Hero, that you worked really hard to ascend, and once you did, it improved the game in so many ways for you.

Thank you in advance and happy gaming to all :four_leaf_clover:


Early in the game, it was cyprian. Made clearing the map a breeze. After that is was Mitsuko, she is on every attack team that isn’t facing Areil, Kiril, Boril or Raffael in it. So useful everywhere!


For me the hero which was a game changer back then is Wu Kong. Still love and hate him.


Proteus was my very 2nd 4*, and I was so happy I nearly cried. I wasn’t on the forums yet but could already tell how useful he would be.

Sabina was my first 4* Healer. And having her also be Purple taught me a lot about color stacking. She and Proteus went with me everywhere.

Finally, Seshat really upped my offensive game. Snipe, dispel and replicating minions made her useful in nearly any situation. she made raiding much more fun and was often my last hero standing (I stacked 3/2 a lot then)

Funny how all 3 are Purple…

Honorable mentions go to:

  1. Gormek and Sir Lancelot, my 1st and 3rd 4*s
  2. Kiril, who came a month or so after Sabina and expanded my color-stacking options. The buffs were nice too.
  3. Jack O’Hare and Li Xiu, my first Green and Yellow 4*s respectively
  4. Margaret, Inari and Master Lepus, who were the 5*s I ascended before Seshat. they definitely made me progress a lot and i still use all 3

Cool topic @Gwniver!

It comes down to a few in my early days:

1 - I was absolutely tapped on S1 province progress without a healer. Finally I got Hawkmoon and it was a game changer.

2 - Then I got stuck in S1 again until Kailani of all heroes came across. I didn’t have Gunnar yet. In the high teen and low 20’s provinces she allowed me to keep moving because otherwise pots and Hawkmoon were not enough on their own. It was crushing my resources.

3 - Eventually I got 4’s and I got my first two on top of each other: Melendor & Cyprian. It is hard to say which one helped the most at the time, but the combination of riposte and healing the damage allowed for massive E&P progress.

I played with 3’s and emblemed 4’s so long I never had a 5* have that same impact as those early day game changers.

Some other minor footnotes:

1 - Mana control with Gretel over Chao, Li Xiu, and LJ

2 - When I got Jackal and Buddy to give me a D dropper in ever color

I would say you’re lucky in some ways starting now. S2 and S3 3*’s are amazing. Really a class above the vanillas, which were all that was around in my early days. Back in my day :laughing: … I digress.

Good luck out there!



Early on, I think Wu Kong had the single greatest impact for me, for obvious reasons

Next would have been Vivica, as at that time, I was hurting for healers above 3*.

Then I’d say Miki, for obvious reasons (Goodbye forever WK!)

Lately, in pretty close succession, I got Vivica’s costume as well as finally getting Jackal (Took me over 2 years to get him). Those 2 combined have, give or take, doubled my scores on purple titans.


mainly Wilbur overall (for events and titans)

he was really good when he was released.

wu Kong and miki too, made events easier to finish and broke new titan records because of them


To get me over the hump where raids sucked it was my 2 Cyprians on a mono purple team. Wouldn’t do that today, but it is what brought me out of the phase where I lost almost every time.

After that it was Heimdall. Love how he fits in with every aspect of the game. Ascended him before Telluria, no regrets.


Ariel has always been my favorite with a big health boost and cleanse. Then there was Malosi. He makes the big bad heroes like Finley useless. Zocc is another favorite cause he makes heroes like Mother North and Alby useless.


Onatel was my very first 5* and my very first Hero of the Month.
I had her in my war defence and raid defence like forever …
Totally smitten and still am …
Still play her in my Holy Mono team


Started around the time Alasie was HotM… maybe a month or two before… and nabbed her. I was still so new, wasn’t on forums or in an alliance, so didn’t really have a real deep understanding of the game, but she quickly became my waifu for a long while once I levelled her to where she was significantly stronger than any others on my roster.

Seshat was another, I think I liked Seshat more for what she brought but couldn’t shake the soft spot for Alasie… even bought and rocked her avatar for a while lol.

Hawkmoon was the earliest of the game changers though, huge difference being able to replace my Sharan!

Oh and Lady of the Lake… makes so much non-PvP stuff trivial! :sleeping: :joy:

Other times I’ve had significant changes in the game: running double +19 Brynhild flanks was bonkers in raid offense for a while, and getting Gazelle blinged still sees me using her majority of the time.


The very first hero that made the difference for me was Boldtusk. He improved my gameplay immensely as my first 4* healer who also happened to boost attack and also was a decent tank for defense. Once I had him I actually found raiding to be much less of a drudgery than it had been, to where I actually started enjoying raiding.

Two years later I have 3 Boldtusks maxed and all three see action in wars.


Early in the game, before I really understood it, I got my first Epic Hero Token. I pulled Grimm and got the bonus draw, Anzogh. I honestly thought the HOTM came with each EHT. I hadn’t bothered to read anything at the time.

I know Anzogh gets a lot of negs, but he was a long time valued member of my teams.


Early days it was Wu Kong. I got him early and he was solely responsible for me getting though the higher levels of events. He just made everyone so much better. Sure you miss on occasion but the damage from tiles was immense.

Boldtusk and Grimm take a joint 2nd. Both were game changing…just not to the same mad extent that Wu Kong was.


There were 2 for me. Got them close to the same time. Frida and Alasie. It changed my whole approach to raid/war attack/defense, how I approached events, and it definitely changed when and how I summoned for heroes.

The combo of elemental defense down and a sniper showed me how I had to build my mono attack teams. I started with a mix of 2-2-1 and 3-2 but the goal was to have the deadliest attack teams I could come up with. In order to do that it required Frida, Panther, Evelyn and Jackal. Costume Marj will be mine also! Mix in the Lianna, Kingston, Magni, Seshat, Sartana, Joon, Poseidon’s of the game and its almost lights out if I get 9 tiles.


I have 2 Anz fully leveled in my red mono attack team. Love his utility ability to damage all and heal his allies. Gefjon with 2 Anz will be devastatingly good.


Caedmon (aka Kenny) was my go to forever - followed by Rigard

Hadn’t found the boards yet…


I pulled Alberich with random Atlantis coins in the second month of playing. It took me 7 more months to get the tonics to level him up, and he boosted my abilities all the way up.


My first difference-maker was definitely Hansel. :slight_smile: He made raiding so much more enjoyable at the point where I got him and maxed him, it easily made the game much more fun for me.

Then a little later, it was Proteus - he was a game-changer! Now I’ve gotten to the point where I rarely take Proteus out in regular raids, but I use him quite often in wars. I have four of him, all at +19 emblems, and though I don’t always use all of them over the course of my six war attacks, I have zero regrets about the resources I put into leveling and embleming them. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


For me, it was Gunnar. He allowed me to beat the season 1 boss and also the season 2 boss on hard. Here’s a video of the season 2 boss fight.


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