The hero synergy thread

What hero’s have really good synergy together?

Don’t overthink it :slight_smile:

Not asking for your entire roster - just cards when played together 1+1= 3 more often that not


Red Hood pairs well with Aeron because both are average, her minions help shield his mana - something his shield doesn’t really protect against.

Add Triton w/ emblems to beef up minions w/ his healing focus.


Anzogh and Triton could be a very interesting combination.

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This is actually a list that I’d love to see. Using 4 and 5 stars, alone or combined.

My fave pairings:

Frida and Grimm
Evelyn and Elkanen
Wu and Justice
Wilbur and Khiona
Proteus and anyone

There are a few others, these are off the top of my head. Fabulous idea for a thread :+1:

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any elemental defense buff + hitting more than one enemy (all or nearby)
Frida + Isarnia (deadly)
G. Panther + Quintus

ofc even elemntal defense down with snipers are deadly my favorite and i use are:
Frida + Alasie
Evelyn + Lianna

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It’s my new favorite combo. Once Alby goes off, all specials fill up every other round.


I did Trial of Fortitude with both Alby + Ariel. They didn’t stop firing one after the other and no hero was in danger of dying. But mannn was it a boring fight since it took ages to take vivica down with tile damage (I didn’t have much in terms of hitters other than caedmon)

Some more ideas

Additional I want to mention my personal favourite: Wilbur + Queen of Hearts (+Boldtusk)
Triggers at the same time (red, average mana). Link protects QoH, QoH protects the rest of the Team.
For me it has changed the raid meta from sniping to a game of endurance


Evelyn and Hansel… fun times :laughing:

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Do trios fit this thread? If so, this red triangle will take you places : Boldtusk + Gormek + Colen: +48% attack, -34% defense, then 180% direct damage to all enemies, with a 1078 attack stat (728 + 48%) + 330 DOT. This combo is a 5* defense killer. All you have to do after that is mop out the remains…


Wilbur + Falcon + Azlar

Evelyn + Buddy + Elk

Athena + Frida + Thorne/Richard

My favourite: Jackal + Joon

Frida + Isarnia

I really like using the Leonidas - Chao - Li xiu trio in war for a total mana cutting control.


Wilbur + Wu-kong
Khagan + Grimm
Isarnia + LJ

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Kiril + Athena
Tarlak + Wilbur

Boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett, Wu kong. Green titan killers.

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Hi all,
Been playing a while now in a near-top 100 alliance (Legio Fanatici) and I’m amazed how deep the meta has become for this simple match-3 game mechanic. I love the raid tournament additions as it gives a use for otherwise seldom used heroes. And although the war is sometimes very frustrating (I hate those arrows!), that also has a definite chess element to it.
A lot of topics cover single heroes and their uses/pro-cons. What I would like is to share ideas about hero and team synergies. (@Moderators: I haven’t found such a topic, otherwise a merge would be in fine order). A simple example would be to combine an elemental defense down hero with the same element heroes. So Frida and Arthur go well with blue snipers. Evelyn with Kingston/Lianna. But could we delve deeper?
The one I really like for example is the pairing of Alby and Ariel. If I can get them to work in unison (which can be a bit tricky because of their difference in mana speed), they turn into a mana engine. Ariel’s +24% mana generation stacks with Alby’s moderate amount mana regen. This not only speeds up mana regen for the other heroes, but it of course also works on themselves. I can fill GM up in 3 tiles if the engine is running. I always bring Alby, Hel and Ariel to every raid, and fill the other two positions with the strong color against the tank of the opponent. If I get a good blue/green board, the engine is up and running, and then I need a lot less purple and strong anti-tank color to fire Hel and the other heroes.
Let’s hear some other great synergies!

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Mana waterfall

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Freya + Telluria = minion madness
Guardian Gazelle + Norns = yurple center killer
Athena + Richard = neuter 3 enemies
Costume Rigard + Ursena = take half of everyone’s life
Alby + M. North + Heimdall = can’t kill me

I use those synergies all the time in war with great success…before Telluria showed up.


Wilbur-Quinto-Wu kong
Head explosion

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