The Headless Horsemen is recruting (Titans: 11* & 12*, cups: 2000+)



If you like organized alliance with detail and strategic plan, this alliance is suit for you.
Viper is almost like a dictionary for us, you can discuss about this game with him, and I don’t understand how he can remember almost everything. Lol.
But if you are not that kind of person…


As long as you are active, competitive, crazy with Titan and war, use all flag, like to chit chat or just enjoy to keep calm when other going crazy, you are gladly welcome!
Line : viper2345 or lagunz


Pretty awesome alliance!


Thanks @Rigs, you have awesome alliance as well!

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Still recruiting, one spot open!

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Hey, you really want to play this game AND learn to play it well. Come sit with Headless Horsemen! Killing 11*-12* titan! Winning wars! Multi-national ! We even have Greeks and a French guy! And you get to hang out with me!!! So wipe the drool off your chin and get hooked up with Lagun or Viper.


Lets Boom with us, and @BoomBoomPapa is really the Boom master! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hope to see your alliance full again soon!!

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request to join, how to ?

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Hi Thanks @Titee, and @Paul_C
To join us you can add my line : lagunz or my leader line : viper2345 .
Or you can write your ID so I can add you as a friend in line.