The Hatter's special removes Wilbur's ailment

I’m using The Hatter and Wilbur on a team and it seems to me that is not working in the way is described on the card.

After firing Wilbur’s special, as expected, all my team gets the share damage and +% defense buffs, all the enemies gets the share damage and -% damage ailments.

Next, firing The Hatter’s special, the share damage ailment is stolen from the enemies, as if be assumed that is the buff that divide the damage and not the ailment that multiplies it.

Spirit link is counted as a buff.


I know, but what Wilbur applies to enemies is not the usual spirit link, even if it shares the icon. Instead of dividing a damage within all enemies, what it’s a buff, the full damage is applied to all enemies, what it’s an ailment. So, for this particular case, The Hatter is helping the enemy instead of me, thus I assume it’s a bug.

If developers purposely made it work this way, as kind of collateral, would be nice to have a confirmation.

They did, and the way that we know that is it’s counted as a dispellable buff on enemies in all cases, and an unclearable buff on allies in all cases.

See also, for example (incomplete list of threads):


Thanks @zephyr1, I haven’t noticed that was such a common concern and was answered so many times before, for some reason I was looking at the “issue” from the Hatter point of view and did the search looking for The Hatter special.

Kind regards.

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