The Hatter - Worth the tonics?

wanted in wonderland really bad, unfortunally i didnt had luck.
cause for me he is one of the coolest attack heros…
i mean… search for an buff heavy enemy (war/raid/dont matter) and chackalaka steal everything…

i mean, are you kidding me? …truely awsome, and must be so funny to play

ok, wouldn’t put him into my deff though…

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I’m strongly considering giving him tonics and that’s over a few that others would probably say to give tonics to first, I’ve been using him at 3/70 the last few wars and he always has a use. I may even try him as a flank defender once he’s maxed (next to Santa or something) just to have the threat of steal there as well (I know folks don’t think he’s great there, but I’d like to see for myself if he can work in different set ups). Fun hero.


he’s a unique dispeller. I’d use the tonics on him


He is chugging his way higher and has tonics reserved. Morgan has been at 3-70 for months but as soon as I drew The Hatter the tonics were his (just got the final tonic, maxed a Buddy while waiting).

He is ahead of Eve 2, MLF, Lianna (have plenty of snipers), Elk, Horghall. Messing around with him on some raids he is fun, @ 3-55 he is not strong enough to be a mainstay for me yet (thought the tonics would take longer to gather) but the last class trial was great with final bosses.

Since this thread is still alive, I’ll give an update. My Hatter got the tonics a while ago, but not quite maxed. He’s at 4/56, I believe. Got busy maxing Onatel and Ariel. But I use The Hatter from time to time, and he’s great fun! I still wouldn’t use him on defence though… Have fought him a couple of times, and he’s no threat at all.
I used hum with great success in a war as well! Opposition team had Ares, Alby and Gregorion. Timing was perfect, and I stole all their buffs at the same time.
I can totally recommend using tonics on him, cause he is something completely different, and fun to use!



I have found him to be good in war and against buff-happy defense teams while raiding. Evelyn is better in my opinion because of the fast elemental debuff (she is currently my one maxed 5* green).
He is almost maxed now and I find that when he is needed he is fantastic. When he isn’t needed he is just ok.
Poseidon will make him more powerful because Poseidon should charge before Guin and protect from the mana cut, then Hatter may be able to fire soon after and steal the heal.

Keep in mind hatter is a cleric and doesn’t always need Poseidon to protect him if he has emblems. Still undecided on maxing him even though I like him. (Undecided on all my maxes at this point so it’s not him, it’s me… haha)

sorry can i confirm if hatter needs to be activated after or before he’s been hit when his mana’s full? still cannot figure it out

So i was wondering when choices are hatter/horgall/Margret with a maxed evelyn who you giving tonics to

Hatter steals the dispellable buffs the enemy has active when he fires. There is no trailing benefit, it is that moment and then you need to charge him again.

He deals damage and steals the buffs in that moment.

I am giving my first set of tonics to Lianna. I got her when the Hatter was at 3/1. I still need one tonic, though, so Hatter is getting leveled to 3/70 before I start leveling Lianna.

The Hatter is great and can be a game changer with the right opponents and a favorable board. He hits first and takes the damage before he steals. His HP needs to be maxed or high before he hits. He usually needs healing immediately after hitting heroes with riposte. He can hit 3 opponents with riposte buffs and still bring back the buffs if his HP is high. He only brings back what’s left on the buff (might just be one turn). His application of the buffs can be comical (e.g. one ally gets all the buffs).

I like to use him with 2 healers (Mel and BT), or I use him in a color stack with Mel and another green. He is good with Mel because they are in sync. You just can’t fire Mel first.

If you decide to level him, have fun. Since he is unpredictable on defense, you don’t see him in raids and wars. He’s good to have on your roster though.

Of course, of course. Hatter vs aegir, ares, alberich, and others is the best.

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What I do when I face riposte opponents, it’s just aim at a different target with no riposte.

He brings everything back, and I enjoy a few buffs for the cost of only a few HP from a side attack riposted.

Definitely worth the tonics IMO (BUT, Lianna too, so… hard choice!).

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I got hatter and immediately i maxed him. Now i played with him for month. He is One of the best heroes for me. I use him always in PvPs, in Atlantis hard levels and Events. In combination with evelyn he is a killer. I Love him. He is One of my favourite heroes others heroes i Love are Wu kong, wilbur, gravemaker, guinevere, kageburado.

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I like him to hit the riposte so I can kill it with the next move.

I prefer to kill the other heroes first, so riposters keep activating and I keep stealing from them!!! cheers!!!

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Fair point but Kunchen took the Cleric emblems from Boril and refuses to share with anyone else right now. Something about he is the da** tank and the others are just toy soldiers… A bit ruder than I expected him to be but suppose his expression isn’t so placid behind the mask.

Just the most enjoyable raid. Team has Ursena as tank with emblems flanked by Poseidon. Tiles were perfect, Ursena fired just as Hatter was charged, my Hatter stole the reflect and Poseidon killed himself the next turn. Textbook. Such a big smile (second attempt, first try was an absolute disaster from my point of view).

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Yes, Hatter is so much fun to use.

He is a green version of Rumpelstiltskin. :smile:

Please continue discussions on the Hatter on the new/ updated Hatter Discussion thread :slight_smile:

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