The Hatter - Worth the tonics?

Now that the Hatter’s been out a few weeks, is there anyone who has him maxed? I’m taking him to 3/70 now, and I’m wondering if he’s worth the tonics.
I see him as an attacking hero only, as his special cannot be trusted with the AI.
My only other green 5* is Mother North, but she’s already at fourth ascension.

So, is the Hatter worth ascending?


I agree with your assessment on defense.

If I had him I would use the tonics.

Hatter was worth it for me. I just moved him to 4t yesterday.

The AI has little effect on him as he steals all buffs from the enemy. Targeting is an issue for many heroes but no worse than, say, Joon.

He is my 3rd 5* 4t ascension though, where my other choices were a second Evelyn, second Greg, Kadilen or Horghall.

What I mean with the AI is that the timing could potentially be seriously wrong. Lets say you’re attacking someone with Hatter in defence. You’re bringing Ares to the battle, and his special is ready. At the same time Hatter is just a tile away from his special. Would you fire your Ares right away, or wait for Hatter to fire his first?


Gotcha. Yes you are correct, the strategy element there matters. I was just thinking how much fun he would be on respawn w Mother North, especially if the enemy doesn’t kill him right away.

Still… 4t the shhh out of that bad boy.


Hatter is a little tricky.
To higher his benefits at best you have to allow your opponent to use their buffs, even if you charge him before them.

Fact is… sometimes you don’t want to make them trigger their buff at all.
Alberich and Mother North are clear examples of that. And you would let Magni shoot one of your heroes just to steal his defence buff soon after? Mh.

So his stealing comes with the dangerous fact that you must let your opponent use it before you.
Sometimes it can be really cool, like against Ares, Guinevre, Aegir, Aeron and so on, and sometimes a double edge sword.


Google translated:
I have it to the fullest and it is very fun to steal power-ups from ares to alberich to everyone in general I would recommend that if you give the tonic

yo lo tengo al máximo y es muy divertido robar potenciadores a ares a alberich a todos en general yo te recomendaría que si le des los tonicos

I think the fine line is what makes him so much fun.

Totally agree.
Good or not, i think he is great fun to use.

so means have to let enemy whack u 1st before release hatter special? & how would i know what special he stole?

Hatter steal only opponents active buff, so whatever buff the enemy has on the time he shoot his special you know for sure all of them get to you.

What you don’t know is which of your heroes get a specific buff (if not your hatter is the last man standing? I guess in that case you are sure all of them goes to him)

just used him after Alby revived his whole team. (4 heroes revived)
Stole all the buffs and replenished my team health (had Evelyn down to <100 hp, Greg ~300). the mana boost lit all of them up the next round and Evelyn & Greg wiped them out, with an assist from Zim.
I am going to need to video my next attack with hatter, now that he’s 4t

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That’s cool, but what happen if Alberich revived a full mana Guinevre? She cut your mana, and you need another turn to charge your hatter and steal all away.

Of course it can still works, but it’s risky.

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In a perfect world you’ll already have green tiles lined up, charge Hatter again and steal both Alby and Guins buffs xD

To go back to the OP’s question, my recommendation depends on:

  • what other 5* greens you have, if any
  • how often you summon
  • what other maxed 5* you have

I intend to give tonics to my hatter, but Lianna (a recent addition to my bench) got her tonics instead of Hatter. And I have Alberich, Tarlak, Evelyn, Zeline and Gregorion maxed.

I think Hatter is a very nicely balanced hero. Fun, different, but not overwhelming. In the right battles, he’s great. In other battles, not so much. I put him in the middle of the pack of 5* greens behind the first four listed above and Lianna.

The trouble with Hatter on defense is that it’s too easy for someone with a decent bench and half a brain to work around his buff-steal. Don’t bring buff-happy heroes, and delay activating buffs until he’s fired. There are a lot of excellent choices among heroes that don’t cast buffs! Arguably the meta now leans towards heroes that cast debuffs (e.g. Evelyn, Santa) rather than buffs (e.g. Ares, Aegir). Guinevere is an exception, but I never use her on offense.


The Hatter is worthy but many others green heroes are worthier.
If I had just him I wouldn’t wait to draw Tarlak / Zeline / Evelyn / Alberich / (Mother North that you already have) and would ascend him right off the bat.

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Thanks for the input, guys! Appreciate it!
I think I’ll be giving him my hard earned tonics, even though there’s someone better out there… I understand the logic, but there will always be someone else I’d rather pull, and then, suddenly, the tonics pass their expiration date!


I have Hatter at 3.70 and am enjoying buff stealing very much on raiding. I see Hatter at max is far better than my Caed 4.70+9. The reason I compare is they are both effectively debuffers. I am seriously considering giving him tonics after Evelyn and Caed"s emblems to Zimkitty (sorry Caed, you served me well). Purely for offense - my defense team is sorted (Mommy North-Zim-Khiona/Kunchen-Drake/Onatel- Alice)

Anyone using him much?

On defense he is quite easy to kill, dunno on offense, but since 5* debuffer is rare and needed, then i will say he is worth the tonics. Bring him to last tier make him sturdier

I use him on offense all the time versus Aegir, Ares, Alberich etc. Since the buff, Aegir has been out and about a lot. It’s lovely to throw tiles at him with abandon and then strip the buffs.

Also using him in the trials of fortitude today.

My only other green 5 is gregorion, so hatter was worth it for me and sees a lot of use.

Edit: I also imagine that a 5* buff tournament will eventually roll around!

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