The Hatter stoles Brynhild buffs

The Hatter ability says that “steals all DISPELLABLE buffs from enemies…” but Brynhild should prevent it. It looks funny how he even stole the buff that protect from dispells. :smiley:

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Brynhild’s buffs and those she’s protecting can be overwritten, which is different to being dispelled.

So if she has a defence buff protected, it can’t be dispelled by Caedmon but it can be overwritten by Grimm’s defence debuff.

I guess hatter counts as an overwrite, not a dispel


Yes, but lets say its a steal effect, not dispell. The one ability that defend from dispells must be undispellable. With this logic, he should’t stole that ><

Or is it a buff, that defend from dispells, but dispellable? Sounds wrong…

Seems to be an issue.
Hatter shouldn’t steal undispellable buffs, since his card says steals dispellable buffs.

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I think the problem is that the effect brynhild gives protects from dispell effects, but the buffs remain in dispellable state. btw I think some modification needed because its ambiguous.


Ah, okay, now I got it.
Bryns buffs aren’t undispellable, they are just protected from dispelling. Hatter can steal them, since he doesn’t dispel.

Hatter and the secret hero should be a top tag team. Add Killhare and 2 buffing healers and you have a crazy cool team.


Yeah, thats understandable this way, but my problem with this is the one buff what protects. This is a spell, which protects itself and the other effects from dispell, but being ‘dispellable’? Isn’t it obvious that a spell which protects itself (and others) from dispell is undispellable by definition? I mean if I am the stronges man and no one can beat me, i am unbeatable. (and I think in this situation understanding how game allows it doesn’t mean its right.)

Not exactly. Looking at the literature about witches, there is a lot of protection spells - but those are still spells. Truth to be told, to dispell those you usually need some sort of special or stronger magic, but at the end, you can strip off those protection spells.

That is The Hatter …steals anything that is dispellable, that is why he is the Hatter…:smile:

But frankly… that portion of Brynhild’s reads ''The caster and nearby allies are immuned to buff dispel…
I guess that immunity can be stolen.

Yeah, definitely can be stolen, but The Hatter steals only dispellable buffs. So the buff which defends from dispells actually dispellable (just no one can dispell it because it defends against dispells?), which in my opinion kinda funny. :smiley: (I understand how it works, but from a point of view of a player kinda bothering.)

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