The Hatter or the Hater

I pulled the Hatter through the event and didnt fully understand how his skill works especially on counter attack.

There was a time with I used the Hatter’s special to a team that has riposte, he didnt received any damage from the riposte. He stole it and gave it to his ally.

Recently, I used his special to enemies with riposte. Sadly, The Hatter received a counter attack damage, but still able to steal the riposte…

How does the hatter special work on the team that has riposte?

The Hatter hits first, then steals dispellable buffs.

So if you target him at an enemy with riposte or counterattack active, he’ll take damage. A good tactic is to avoid targeting a hero with riposte, or at least to choose your central target to minimize damage.


I think it works just like Athena’s or Eve’s special works when they hit somebody that has a shield up…

The actual damage hits first then the special hits…

Example: Athena hits Magni while his shield is up she wont do as much damage as she usually does because his shield is up…but then as she strikes she then applies shield down…

So when Hatter does his special…his damage hits 1st and then the special does its job…

The first time you did his special and wasnt effected by reposite was most likely a glitch OR its suppose to be that way and NOW its a glitch that needs to be fixed

Thanx man, I will have to observe some more… As a matter of fact, i am inclined to use Melendor than that of the Hatter… Who wants to wish an enemy get buffed… Anyway, you’re a great help.

Thank you mod for that info…

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Melendor (and Sabina) do have the advantage of dispelling without hitting, which is useful for dealing with Riposte.

You can also use a fast single target dispeller like Caedmon or Sonya, aimed at an enemy who doesn’t have Riposte, and it’ll dispel from those that do.

Neither of those options pairs well with Hatter, since they’ll remove the buffs you’d like to steal.

As another approach, you can also just let Hatter take damage if you have a healer charged and ready to fire right after. Just keep an eye on his health before doing that, of course.

Or you can use Cagey Burrito who dispels that Riposte first, then lays the smack down :rofl:

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True, but then Hatter just hangs out at home with some tea. :tea: :face_with_monocle:

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Hatter is one of those heroes that you only use on offense AND you have to time his skill…you just cant fire his special all willy nilly like…

He’s quite useful and dangerous if he gets the tiles and survives to fire his special…

You get this warm fuzzy feeling on the inside when you steal Ares, Alby, and Guin’s special and use it against them…

…and to think…I just have him at 3/70

Oh…and did I mention he hits just as hard as Khiona…with splash damage…:sunglasses:


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