The Hatter – Does he make old heroes with buffs that can be dispelled obsolete?

If I read the card correctly the hatter just made old heroes that depend on their buff obsolete. The old heroes usually do not have the words “This effect can’t be dispelled” on any of their cards.

Yeah I wrote a post in another thread speculating about ares viability as a tank once the hatter becomes widespread. I think his days are numbered, but theres quite the buff buffet out there for those lucky enough to get him. I’d go for Alby, Vivica, khiona, tarlak, elana, kaidlen, aeron, aegir…mmmm raiding with that guy would be like shooting fish in a barrel

I wouldn’t be too harsh. He’s only one hero. Things have to time out well too. It’s not as automatic as you are implying. But timed well, he could be damaging.

And in the case of ares, hatter is green. Not ideal. But think what he would do to aegir! :thinking:


No more so than any of the other dispellers do. Running someone with dispellable buffs on defense has always been dicey because of the number of dispellers. I’m a lot more afraid of the color-debuffing dispellers like Panther and Evelyn right now.

Yes, and I held great hopes for v20…

Yeah they will finally buff aegir and new bully will take his shiny new buff and his lunch money


Yeah I guess they need another .3 percent chance hero that is a must have for the whales…balance be dammed. Compare the hatter to domitia for instance she is average Mana and hits enemy and nearby too and she hits 20 percent more but less with her lower attack stat and she only debuffs the three she hits and gets a shield that is of some usefulness as tank whereas the hatter gets to dispell all and steal any buffs he wants…not even close

Yes the color debuffers are another category that makes an outsized difference between the haves and have nots but easily cleansed by putting a cleanser in your defense. This attack has no counter other than running with heroes that don’t use any buffs as all buffs become potential liabilities

The color debuffer generally dispel when they debuff. So they already break down dispellable buff heroes. The Hatter doesn’t seem worse to me for buff-heavy defenses–just differently bad.

I believe u miss understand it,it says he steals all the “dispelable” buffs such as element links and stuff as i believe so i dont consider him so OP correct me if im wrong here.

It just doesn’t seem proportional…for instance victor steals 61 percent of healing received on one target while the hatter can take 100 percent of healing over time received from up to five people. Ontatel steals an increasing percentage of generated Mana if she can make it 4 turn while the Hatter can steal 100 percent of Mana increase buff from Alby or Khagan…etc not only that but he can steal defense up elemental defense and unique buffs like Khionas and Mitsukos. And did I mention he hits people? The elemental debuffers can be tough but their effect is more limited ie dispell 3 at most and their debuff can be cleansed. There is no counter to his ability and no down side. He should at least have a 50 percent chance to freeze and soil his diaper like danzaburo…something


No. He steels buffs like bold tusk attack increase. And magni defense up. Just a couple examples.

So you’re saying I should work on my hatter. :grin:


Aside from Guinevere, Ares, and the occasional Magni and Khiona, there aren’t a lot of buffing heroes in the high tiers of raiding anyway. Most of the teams I encounter rely on debuffs, and Hatter wouldn’t help me with those at all.

That’s not to say he’s not good; I think he’ll be great in the right situation. But I don’t think he’s going to break the buffing game any more than, for example, Zimkitha broke the debuffing game.


What I am hearing is I should be very happy I just pulled Hatter? :slight_smile:


Yep you gonna be the man

Average speed specials are not for tanks. If you have a charged average speed hero and the tank is still alive, you ran into problems. Not saying you already lost, but you are at a disadvantage that I don’t see Hatter changing that much more than a dispeller. Don’t forget that he passes them out randomly.

I think he is a solid B hero, a more dependable Danzo or Rumple. I run Ares in AW a lot for defense and I’m not any more worried about someone having Hatter any more than I was yesterday before he existed.

Again… I’ve been wrong before, but these are my initial impressions.


I chuckle every time I see these threads. Must be the 10th hero that will break the game thread and obsolete S1 heroes or any buffing heroes in this case. Remember when Ares first came out? Zeline? Guin?

Each individual card may be better than another in a vacuum or appear to be game breaking, but it’s really how you USE your deck that matters. I still only have S1 heroes and a few random HOTM and am doing just fine (and I have no game breaking heroes).

There’s so many card to counter (and now skills) these cards.


Yeah I probably should just relax as the top defenses don’t really rely on buffs much but he will be great for anyone in the mid-range. Just lost a raid to an Ares tank with Alby corner that would have been so easy to wipe out with a little bit of buff thievery… dispelling only goes so far. But this game doesn’t really have true pvp anyways. And I prefer games like guild wars 2 where everyone has access to the same characters and abilities and it’s truly superior skill and strategy that determines the winners and not how much money you spend or how long you’ve been playing. But I live in the woods now and satellite internet is my only option so those games are out for me now. But this one is still a fun game just get frustrated with the imbalances and paywalls sometimes.


I was an OP mesmer long time ago…nice game

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