The Hatter and a taunt - is this expected?

So, Krampus died from the Hatter’s hit - obviously, there was no taunt anymore for him to steal. It died with Krampus.

However, if the taunt is gone, why the 2nd part of his skill behaves as if the taunt is still active? As shown in the video below, he didn’t still any buff from other heros in defence. The mark protected appeared. Normally, he would steal a taunt and dispellable buffs from Krampus (when he’s still alive after being hit), but not from other allies.

Is this a bug or this works as intended? Thanks!


I don’t have taunt heroes except Shrubbear, so my experience is very limited. I also don’t have The Hatter.

But if I have to guess, I think it is working as intended. The Hatter’s damaging special killed Krampus. His death failed to trigger the Hatter’s secondary skills, that is to steal enemy buffs and randomly allocate them to allies.

I really don’t know for sure.

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It looks like that, but I’m not sure if that failure should happen.

When the Hatter steals his taunt (Krampus is still alive) it’s understandable why he doesn’t steal buffs from other allies - they were protected at the moment of stealing.

But if Krampus dies and a taunt with him, the 2nd part of the skill perhaps should not be affected - if this is a sequence of events.

If I remember the sequence correctly, if Krampus survives while on Taunt, the Hatter steals only the buffs of Krampus since the latter’s allies are protected, and allocate them to Hatter’s allies at random. But if Krampus dies on Hatter’s special skills, nothing can be stolen anymore since Krampus is removed from the battle.



  1. Krampus with Taunt;
  2. Hatter targets Krampus using the former’s ss;
  3. Krampus dies from the damage and is removed from the formation;
  4. Hatter’s second skill has nothing to steal since Krampus is removed due to the latter’s death; and
  5. End of sequence
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This is a confusing part… Because, my logic is if Krampus (and a taunt) dies from the 1st part of the skill, the 2nd part does not necessarily have anything with Krampus being in the formation. It says all other allies.

Or taunt gets removed only at the end of the Hatter’s special skil?

If we make a parallel with Ametrine, she dispells taunt and hits others (but doesn’t dispell others, because that part of the skill i spent).

Krampus dying with active taunt is not the same thing as dispelling a taunt? The effect doesn’t end at the moment he’s gone?


Wait a minute. I have Ametrine. I use her almost everytime I raid. I cannot remember her hitting all while an enemy has a Taunt on them even if the ninja has her mana charged to 2x or 3x. Gawd! I must have missed this.


My theory about taunt mechanic is that taunt is solved as soon as you tap on your hero to shoot the special.

In this case Krampus has taunt active. You can try tapping another enemy and the target will stil be Krampus. When you tap Hatter to shoot his special, before Hatter can do anything, taunt is solved first.

Taunt makes that:

  • Deal damage to target and nearby enemies? NO! Only damage to Krampus.
  • Steal buffs from enemies? NO! Only from Krampus.

After taunt produces those changes, Hatter can only damage Krampus, kill him, and then try to steal buffs from dead Krampus.

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Now I’m not sure about anything, but I remember mine doing that. :joy:

@Moncho when you put that way, it makes sense… If the taunt is “the oldest” in the sequence, the Hatter does work as intended. My understanding was that there’s this time sequence of independent parts in his special skill… Taunt is killed with Krampus, others, give me your buffs! :man_shrugging:t2: :joy:

The Hatter isn’t able to steal buffs from dead enemies, if I’m not mistaken.:thinking:

haha it could be like that. Or maybe Hatter is so angry with Krampus because of the taunt that, kills him, tries to steal his buffs, and then realizes that there are other enemies apart from Krampus :joy:

Don’t worry, @Ultra. Ametrine deals damage to nearby or all enemies even with an enemy taunt. :grin:


I think I know what happen in the video.

When you use The Hatter’s skill, he deal damage first then steal buff.

When Krampus receive damage and die, he isn’t die instantly but will turn to something like intermediate-death state. The program mark him that he will be death after some specific sequence of program end. In case, the specific sequence is The Hatter’s skill.

This intermediate-death state isn’t a new thing. If you use mono, face weak tank and have very good board, even you dump 10+ of your color tile at tank, the tank still able to block all tile in 3 center columns for 1 turn of cascade even first 2-3 tile kill the tank. The tank is in intermediate-death state that will not completely die until the turn of cascade end.

Krampus isn’t completely death so he protect his ally from The Hatter’s stealing buff. However, it look like when Krampus or any other heroes with dispellable buff are in intermediate-death state, The Hatter can’t steal their buff. So, that is why The Hatter can’t steal anything in the video.

On the other hand, Ametrine’s dispell work differently that dispell affect instantly after it apply. That is why Ametrine can deals damage to nearby or all enemies even enemy has taunt.

@Slobix @Ultra @Silencio Could you a video Ametrine vs taunt ? I really want to see. I actually never know Ametrine can deals damage to nearby or all enemies even enemy has taunt before since I don’t have Ametrine.


Gonna tag @JekylandHyde as uses hatter alot and likes to steal the taunt from the krampus…

I’ve got this one with both:

(Sorry for the music but there was a nasty noise in the original one).

Edit: @u2371 that’s the sequence in which I thought as well.


Thank you. “Bon Jovi - You Give Love A Bad Name” fit for your video pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Dudeious.Maximus Thanks for the tag.

@Slobix There is not enough video here to fully analyze. My initial guess is that The Hatter killed Krampus on the last turn of his buffs so they were not stolen. The buffs on the other heroes would nto be taken as they were protected by the Taunt. That begs the question if Krampus’ buffs turned-out, then why did the attack up remain on the other heroes? Could it be attack up from Heimdall coming after Krampus so that buss remained active and unstolen?


This is actually a good observation - if those buffs would disapear at the end of this turn, then Hatter should not steal them from Krampus - dead or alive. However, I don’t have the video before this moment (have it until the end of the battle, but it’s not relevant here). I could check with my friend if he remembers anything.:+1:

Edit: He says it was very early in the match, Hemdall did not cast his special yet. So, all available buffs came from Krampus. :slight_smile:

Well explained step by step…
I was going to write the same, but stopped to just scroll thru & found your explanation.

It is simple most times, to just logically follow the card description in the sequence.

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