The Happy Thread

I’m a bit fed up of the wave of negative threads at the minute so I’m making a stand! (And if the Icecream thread tells me anything it’s that this forum likes to go off-topic so this should be fun…I hope :joy:)

So…very simply post something that makes you smile…anything you like (within the rules of the forum etc etc before I get shouted at). It can be past, present or future. Just something that when you think about it it cheers you up.

If it makes you smile it might make me and others smile too. Right now that can only be a good thing I think??

So my starter for 10:

My cat Solo always makes me smile when I’m sat stroking him behind his ears (his fav spot) and when I stop he will poke me in the leg with his paw until I start doing it again. We repeat this process until he decides he’s had enough and goes for a nap. Strangely he only does this with me…not my wife (she gets jealous :joy:)

See, I’m smiling just writing it!

Just FYI you don’t need to go really personal…I’m not gathering stuff for any nefarious reasons. Share as little or as much as you want. Just make sure it makes you smile :grinning::grinning::grinning:


Me and my wife we adopted a pair of two-month old ratties. Ain’t them the cutest things. Our lockdown Netflix evenings turned into hours of playing with them, showing them around the house or just staring at them playing with a glass (read: bottle) of wine.

Took few days to build them this cage but they love it

Little rodents




I didn’t even think about pictures! Here is Solo deciding I didn’t need to work at that moment :joy:


@Suicide_Bunny Here’s a little fun fact for you! Where I live saying “Rat” is considered bad luck!


Hah, that’s the kind of bad luck that I can accept! :wink:


When I first read the title my first thought was, “the only thing that guarantees me a smile every time is my cat!”

Our pets add greatly to our daily happiness!


I know a guy, that every time i see him, i crack a smile, and sometimes chuckles, but by the end, i’m laughing in a pool of tears


My sweetie pie


Seeing that much of this post is about pets.

Sadly, I don’t own any pets currently… but I have had dozens of pets over the years, and still thinking back on them makes me smile.

Rusty. My first dog. Golden retriever. I believe he was born before I was. Died when I was young. Don’t remember much about him except that he used to knock me over all the time when I was first learning to walk. Not on purpose, of course. He wasn’t very bright, and he smelled terrible, but he was a good dog.

Pumpkin. My first cat. Big tomcat, orange with stripes. We found him as a stray in a park. Took him home. Apparently he decided he preferred his freedom. He “escaped” and decided to hang around as a neighborhood stray.

Domino. My second cat. Black and white with spots (hence the name). Don’t remember where we got her. She ended up getting pregnant and giving birth to kittens in my mom’s bedroom closet.

Smoky. One of six five (one was stillborn) from Domino’s litter. Smoky was the one I chose for myself. White female with large “smoke-like” patches of grey. Most awesome cat ever. Smart as a whip. Came to me (and only me) when I called her, even from half a block away - I’d call to her and she would run right up to me and jump into my arms (cats almost never do this). Slept by my side every night. Excellent hunter. Regularly brought me gifts of dead mice, birds, and lizards. Lived to be almost 20 (!) years old.

Wiley. Awesome dog. Queensland blue heeler. Named him Wiley because he looked like a coyote. That dog could leap 10 feet straight up in the air and catch a flying bullet. You think I’m exaggerating, but no. He could’ve been a show dog. Unfortunately he had a bad habit of biting people, especially annoying people that he didn’t trust. He never ever bit me, but he bit enough other people that he eventually had to be “put down.” :frowning_face:

Tater. LOL. Stray cat, black and white. My ex had named him “Goofy”, but I insisted on calling him Tater instead. Comedian Ron White reference, “they call me Tater Salad”. :laughing: Talk about a crazy cat. I mean, all cats are crazy, but this little guy was especially so. And he had a personality that was practically human.

I swear, I could talk to that cat and he would look at me like he understood every word of what I was saying. And while he couldn’t physically talk back, he would do something in response that clearly expressed his opinion on the matter. Not just typical “I don’t like you,” cat type stuff. Much more complex. He made it very clear exactly what he wanted, when he wanted it. And if I tried to ignore him, he made sure to get my attention. If I still ignored him, he’d make sure to get my attention again, and pretend like he was going to pee on something. I kid you not. If I made the mistake of still ignoring him? He’d actually start peeing. But he’d only go that far I made the mistake of ignoring his initial warnings.

I mean, this cat was so smart that he literally looked both ways before crossing the street. He was much less like your typical cat, and much more like a little man trapped in a cat’s body.

Unfortunately, he’s gone now too, but he lived a pretty full life, at least in terms of cat years.

Sorry, I know this is supposed to be a happy thread… but all of the pets I’ve had are all dead now, and while it was always sad losing them, it still brings a smile to my face every time I think about them. :smile:

EDIT: Also several others I didn’t mention… Buddy, Max, Satch, Sandy, Penny (dogs); Tiger, Pinner, Spotty, Spooky, Cubbie (cats)… several others whose names I unfortunately can’t remember. Several fish, a couple of snakes, couple of hermit crabs (Biggie and Hermie)…

Sad that most of these little guys lack the lifespan of us humans, but I’m still glad to have known them while they were here.


We lost our other one last year so I know where you are coming from bud. But the fat little bugger still makes me laugh thinking of him. He was very much his own cat.

It’s awesome that pets bring so much happiness though. I could look at pictures of animals and read the stories all day tbh.

And since I’m attempting to write a client proposal up but on here instead suggests which one is making me happier right now :joy:


Yes, my very old cat makes me smile, when she is not demanding to be picked up (where is she now? On my lap!) but what really makes me smile is when my two young grand kids run up to me with a smile on their face on seeing me


This is the usual view I have while bullying the 8-7 Yetis for the umpteen thousandth time :smile:

And yes, that’s a claw dug in bottom left, so I am in fact held hostage (send help).


My grandchildren Joshua age 9 and Olivia age 3.
They are a dream to be with.
I love them when they come to visit and I love them when we have time together making special memories.
They are truly a joy and I feel very proud to have them in my life.


I am sitting down to a lovely cup of Darjeeling. :slightly_smiling_face:


For me it’s waking up to a sunny day! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been working at home for weeks now so I try to get out and take in the sun on my breaks and after work. It’s so nice to see good weather here. <3


My brother and sister-in-law have 3 kids: 8 years, 5 years (just finishing K), and a baby (7.5 months). All of the kids randomly call me, including the baby. I will start facetime and there will be a baby who lights up when she sees me. Is there anything better than baby giggles? Or my older niece who talks my ear off and shows me her stuff like I have never seen it before.

PS. Yes, my cats are both awesome. The kitten (just turned one) kills all toy mouse toys (think rope held on by glue dots or material open exposing plastic shell) and expects you to still throw them so he can fetch them back. He taps at my feet for attention I don’t play fast enough.


@kawookie Back when mine were kittens (17 years ago…) they would fly after the mouse “kill it” and then sit there waiting on me to go and get it and throw it again. Right there the difference between Cats and Dogs. Dogs want to please you…Cats want to be pleased :joy:

Literally he would just stare at me until I went and threw it again like “Human…I demand you to this my mouse” and then I’d just prove that to him by doing exactly that…


A child’s laughter.

But not, like, an annoying child.


@Kayo I never had the joy of kids but whenever one of mates does I always ask if there was a Kitten option available.

Then I ask again a year later when it looks like they haven’t slept in 2 weeks :laughing::laughing::laughing:


We are trying to raise Jack-Jack as a dog. Our Sr kitty, Winter, does not like cats. So we have been training him as you would a puppy. He comes when he is called, gives his paw, and knows fist bump. He also begs for food, plays fetch, and drinks/eats our stuff if we aren’t careful ( those were not trained behaviors - he likes glasses better than bowls, sigh).


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