The Gunnar conspiracy

Thought this was funny. Gunnar’s conspiracy failure was sooo complete :grin:


I remember that I got Gunnar at the very beginning of me playing this game. Back then I really did not like him. He is slow mana and his special looked weak.

But now I totally love him. For instance, he’s saved my behind countless times in this tournament. I hope I can pull his costume this month.


On a more serious note, using Gunnar or Kailani on defense during rush attack is a two edged sword… Ulmer or Gill-ra can turn their blessing into a curse in one instant…


True. That is why I am wishing for his costume, which can eliminate this problem.

And also when you use Muggy. Your heroes just won’t die LOL

When playing in the raid tournaments, if you can combine Gunnars and/or Kailanis special skills with a couple of healers like Belith or Hawkmoon, you have yourself a powerful defensive wall that gives you the upper hand on most occasions. Problem is as mentioned, Gunnar and Kailini are too slow when generating mana. If your opponent has too many aggressive attackers that activate their special skills too quickly and take one or two of your heroes out too quickly, it is more than likely game over. However if all skills are set to very fast, it is worth considering using them, especially if your opponent is also doing the same.

If you change your name but keep the same avatar you get better loot… everyone knows that :joy:

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Of course! I suspected it was the same guy! He used all 5 day’s flags trying to kill Gill-Ra, you know?! Oh, wait, that would be on the defense tab :grin::grin::grin:

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