The Guardians Yay and Boo Thread?

Not sure this is allowed (or is a common thing I don’t know about), but a friend did it on another forum many years ago and it was good fun…

In every post you need a good thing (YAY!) and a bad thing (BOO!).

The karma balances up nicely, and noone can be angry at you either for complaining nor being annoyingly lucky. Flawless logic.




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Anyway to start is off in a non EnP related manner:
YAY: The 6yo party I took my son to on Sunday had proper music, and an entertaining 15 seconds ensued before someone managed to skip Eminem’s “Shake That”.
BOO: Two days prior to this (Friday), my 3yo had given me a half finished carton of milk which I found in my coat pocket (having spilt) yesterday (Tuesday) as I arrived at work. I now know that the Smelly Old Person on the bus was, in fact, me. And the Smelly Old Person needs a new coat.

In a more related manner:
YAY: Fire Chest! :smiley:
BOO: I skipped that Raid chest to make use of Tournament attacks. :confused:


I don’t get it. Why the topic category is alliance recruitment?

I plugged my alliance and thought I’d get told off of I didn’t put it here.

Was going to put it in general initially.

Happy if it’s moved. :slight_smile:

Also, I think you’ll find that what you meant was:
YAY: A fantastic and entertaining topic
BOO: It’s in the wrong place



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You want an YAY from me, don’t you? :rofl: The reason is simple. Most members won’t check out the topic when they see this category.

YAY: You replied!
BOO: You’re still not Yay-and-Booing!

Seriously tho, if I can change it to general that’s great… Just not sure if it’s allowed.

I have no idea. I’m pretty new on the forum. But I don’t see why not. Change it if you can.

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Yay! - and the yays have it!

Boo! - wait, Scarecrows don’t say “boo”…

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I got to talk to a friend of Broo!

It’s just @FrostbiteXIII

Just kidding Frosty. Chill

On the thread location point - you haven’t actually referenced your Alliance directly.

I would often just sign off my work © Guardians Reborn…so you’ll probably get away with it.


It’s really community content. So I’ll put it there :kissing_heart:


I have an IDEA, can we make this thread cycle through every category??

Yay - Ideas and Features Thread, here we come!
Boo - Conversate for a few, ‘cause in a few, we gon’ do what we came to do, ain’t that right Boo? (True)


Been a while Mr @JonahTheBard! How’s the Family?

YAY: It’s JB!
BOO: He’s not fond of me.

@Kayo Rhyming glee!
@Annieb !
Now I must flee.
And have some tea.
Actually I prefer coffee.
And I need to pee.
Too much wine, see…
Off to find a tree…
Ghee. Free. Knee. preeheeyeefdeesweeddvjjbcxcbbee


A little hectic, but 'twas always the way with younglings. Excellent game of nerf at the weekend. Thanks for asking.

And I hope your bairns are well, too?


Yeah aside from the milk carton. :wink:


I can take this one for ya, Frosty.

His kid spilled milk in his jacket, JB. He’s riding a bus. Public transit, JB, public transit, for Christ’s sake! He smells like old milk. Wife doesn’t respect him. He’s putting topics in the wrong category. He’s showing up to kids birthday parties that blare obscene music. How do you think his bairn is, JB? Huh? How do you think it is?


Yay - we’re in idea and features thread! I voted for it, too!
Boo - many categories to go. Where to next?


Urgh. I get queasy when I have to share the limo with my wife’s PA.

Broo don’t respec no-one. She’s a bear-wrestling, caber-tossing, sword-dacing Highland Queen.

Did they do the horribly racist Baa Baa Black sheep too?

He’s probably submitted a support ticket.

Forum bantz

Where’re everyone else?!


What? Are there more than one? Boo!

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YAY: Scarecrows say Boo!
Boo: Scarecrows are yet to say Yay…

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Yay: In Edinburgh, public transport has USB ports for phones and… Probably robots that serve you wine and stuff why not…
Boo: @Broo don’t respect me (and lies and says she does). Pah.

Yay: No racist ovine based beats
Boo: Scotland’s weather is more unpredictable than Wu and I still don’t have a coat. Or a leveled Miki.


Yay: what a great idea
Boo: whats is the idea

So were should i move it next?

You should add a pool!


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